What should be on a Repossession Order?

Most of the time: Debtor(s) name, social, last known place of residence, last known place of employment, the legal owner's name and info, authority to repossess, the account information (such as the delinquency, acct #, and other pertinent info).phone numbers and references are sometimes included.

UPDATE.. Debtors name,add, ph#, POE,co-signors nane,add,ph#,POE, VIN of car, description of car, NO SSN,DOB, other personal info. Some states require a copy of the title, written auth. to repo from lender.


This is why idenity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in this country. That is strictly confidential and if the lender does give it out, file complaints with the FTC and see an attorney.

You are wrong, when you sign the finance contract you in 99% of the times give up the information to collateral recovery agents/companies