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The Civil Rights Movement and the Great Depression.


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Check out the related link. It list a majority of the events that occurred during 1974.

All of them are now historical.

Here is the ANSWER! The significant political event that occurred during Shakespeare's life is... King James I was crowned. Yipee wasn't that an awesome answer. I know it's such an awesome answer.

What causes a transmission not to shift in higher gears & slip

Vatican I occurred during the 19th century, not 20th.

The discovery of the new world. The concept of the international law began.

Read Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History Of Time".

The Classical Era is not the same time as the French and American Revolutions. The Classical Era generally refers to Ancient Greece or Rome. The two revolutions mentioned are the most significant events of the Enlightenment, a period from around 1600-1800.

There were many significant events. Modi became the Prime Minister.

Many historical events occurred during Medieval times in Europe. There were wars, diseases (most notably the Black Plague), the trip of Marco Polo, etc.

Several historical events happen during any president's term but one thing during his term was the fall of the Berlin Wall.

one major event that occurred during this time period was the Salem witch trials. which occurred in 1692.

Many historical events occurred in the year 1230, including the following: Sundiata starts to rule in Mali, and the Carmina Burana poetry collection is created.

the great wall of china was built and the paper fan was invented

the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan during WWII.

There were no significant events that occurred on January 11, 1948. It was a Sunday during the presidency of Harry Truman.

Historical events include Good Friday, Friday the 13th, the Invasion of Washington. All of these examples have occured on Fridays.

davy crockett was born in TN was one of the important events

an historical event during the 1870

Presidend Woodrow Wilson was inogurated

Can I suggest that you specify the country of Interest

The events that occurred during the partition of Bengal were the separation of the Muslims and Hindus and the establishment of factories in east Bengal. Formation of the political affiliations based on the Muslims and Hindus are the other events that occurred during the partition of Bengal.

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