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I just did a brake job on a 2001 intrepid. All I used was a standard 10mm socket. I got the whole job done in about an hour and a half (did all 4 wheels).

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Q: What type of tool is needed to remove the front caliper on a 2001 Dodge Intrepid se I mean specifically the type of tool to remove the caliper from the hub to change the pads torx head or what?
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What size wrench is needed to loosen caliper bolts on your 1994 F 150?

For the caliper mount bolts that are removed during a brake pad change, 1/2" is a good fit on my 1996 F250. 13mm will fit but is a little sloppy. Were you asking about the "caliper bracket" instead?

What size Allen socket is needed to remove caliper bolt on a 2004 Escape?

What size Allen socket is needed to remove bolt from caliper on 2004 ford escape

What size wrench is needed to remove brake caliper bolt 2005 Pontiac vibe?

If I'm not mistaken, 14mm for the caliper bolts, 17mm for the caliper brackets.

What tools are needed to change the rotors on a 2007 Camry?

21mm socket and breaker bar to remove lug nuts, and a 17mm socket to remove the two caliper bracket bolts, and a 14mm socket or wrench to remove caliper from bracket. you will also need a c-clamp to shove caliper back.

What are the tools needed to change brake pads for 2000 Hyundai Elantra?

A size 14 scket or wrench, and a medium sized C clamp to compress piston in caliper

What tools are needed to change the brakes on a 1997 town car?

Lug Wrench to remove tire & Wheel Socket Wrench or Hex Wrench to remove Caliper bolts Large "C" clamp to collapse caliper piston Rags, and a good spray brake cleaner

How do you change rear disk brakes on a 2006 Pontiac G6?

pop the wheels off, un-do the 2 x caliper bolts take caliper off take springs and shims off the original break pads as they might be needed for the new set.. refit and done

What would make the blinkers and flashers stop working when the fuses and relay is good on a 1995 intrepid?

I just had the same problem with my 95 intrepid and it was the sending unit that needed to be replaced.

What tool is needed to remove brake caliper 04 Taurus?

Proper Torx bit or wrench for caliper C-Clamp to retract piston to get it off the disc

What Tools are needed to replace brakes 96 Grand am?

To replace the brake pads on a 96 Grand Am, three tools will be needed. First, a C-Clamp, then a hex key to remove the caliper bolts, and a screwdriver to work the caliper free.

How do you change frt pads on 2004 chev Tahoe?

Same as changing the rear brake pads. Only difference would be the T-55 Torx needed to remove the caliper bolt.

What tools are needed to change passenger front brake hose from caliper to frame on 1997 Bonneville sse?

5/16 wrench for the calliper and a 9/16 wrench for frame side.

What size wrench is needed to remove a 2003 Dodge Durango front caliper?


What size wrench is needed to loosen the front caliper on your 2005 ford expedition?

Loosen and remove the caliper retaining bolts. Torx T-40 or T-45

How do you change the seals on a brake caliper?

Changing seals on a brake caliper is relatively easy.It's the disassembly and reassembly that is the hard part when putting the piston back in.First of all,the type of caliper is important.Can you tell me what type it is? And is it front or rear? Rear wheel calipers can be especially hard depending on the vehicle.The use of pneumatic tools is needed for this type of repair and a cylinder hone to clean the bore of the caliper also.If you want more details,I'll watch this question.Good luck!

What size hex is needed to remove brake caliper on 2008 Ford Expedition LT?

The size is 9mm hex. It needs to be long enough to reach the recessed caliper bolt.

Tools needed to change brake pads on a 2005 impala?

The caliper bolts are 13 mm, so use a socket or wrench, if not too tight. a "C" clamp works well to push the caliper piston back into the caliper housing. That's it, change the pads and put back together. Also, best to use some brake cleaner to clean the old brake pad dust from the caliper and rotor, and should use some lub on the new pads at all points that contact the caliper. Have the rotor turned if they seem to be scored, if not don't turn them. Turning the rotors will thin the surface, making them more prone to heat warping.

Allen wrench size needed to remove caliper on a s10 Chevy blazer?


What size torx bit needed for 2005 Chevy 2500HD rear brake caliper?


What size wrench is needed to remove a caliper bolt on a 1999 Toyota Corolla?

14 mm

What size Torx is needed to remove front brake caliper on 05 Yukon XL?


What tool is needed to remove caliper on 05 navigator?

You will need a hex key to remove the brake caliper on an '05 Navigator. There will be two bolts that need to be taken off with the hex key.

What size of wrench is needed to remove 2003 Silverado front caliper bolts?

the caliper bracket bolts use 18 mm wrench on a 03 1/2 ton 4x4

What size Allen key wrench is needed for removal of the front caliper of a 2007 Mercury Mariner?

Front caliper: 9mm hex socket (special), Rear: T-45 Torx.

Fitting front disc pads in a 406 problems the wheel seems to rub on the disc.?

With aftermarket or hang on parts not original to a vehicle some modification may be needed. If the caliper is hitting the inside of the wheel some light grinding of the caliper may be needed for clearance.