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What was Woodrow Wilsons fourteen points?

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The Fourteen Points was a plan in order to create a just and lasting peace, therefore, that was the goal of the Fourteen Points.

Parts of the plan affecting colonies were unacceptable to the allies. (Apex)

To set goals for acheiveing peace after World War I.

Woodrow Wilsons term was called "The Fourteen Points", in which he wanted to create a stable peace among naitions in Europe after World War 1. this eventualy lead to the creation of "The League of Nations"

Woodrow Wilsonwoodrow willson

Wilson made this speech to Congress in the US Capitol Building at Washington on January 8, 1918

President Wilson's goals for a postwar settlement were called the Fourteen Points. Woodrow Wilson was President from 1913 to 1921.

Yes, Woodrow Wilson supported The Fourteen Points Plan following World War 1.

It was fourteen points on wilson's plam for peace

The Fourteen Points were Woodrow Wilson's plan for Peace after World-War I. Democracy and free trade were important bases on the Fourteen Points.

Wilson's goals for the war and the post-war settlement were referred to as his Fourteen Points. Woodrow Wilson was the 28th President of the United States.

Fourteen points. Self-determination.

U.S President Woodrow Wilson

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because their goal was to make peace among nations as in wilson's fourteen points.

Free trade was one of the Fourteen Points. The Fourteen Points were part of a public statement given by President Woodrow Wilson at the end of WWI.

Woodrow Wilson came up with the fourteen points after WWI as a way to settle things.

The fourteen points speech is what it is known as.

President Woodrow Wilson of the United States created the Fourteen Points. The Fourteen Points were drawn up to determine the aftermath of World War I and were a plan for "everlasting peace."

Woodrow Wilson (US President) in 1918.

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