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What was cause a squeaking noise in the rear passenger side while the car is in drive or reverse?

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βˆ™ 2007-04-15 20:08:26

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Rear wheel drive --could be a bad "U" joint Could be wheel bearing Could be rear brakes not releasing completely Could be a bad tire causing a "bump" and shock absorber movement Could be a worn shock mount Could be a worn or broken spring

2007-04-15 20:08:26
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What causes a squeaking noise in the front passenger side of a front wheel drive vehicle while the car is in drive or reverse?

Bad wheel bearing? Brake pads worn? Dirt/pebble caught between brake pads and rotor? Bad CV joint?

What can cause a squeaking noise from the drive shaft of a Ford F350 crew cab?

it could be a bad universal joint.

How come a Transmission on a 1995 cavalier will not go into drive or reverse?

There are several things that can cause your 1995 Chevy Cavalier transmission not to go into drive or reverse. The most common cause is a lack of transmission fluid. A broken shifting fork will also cause the problem.

Why would your 1995 Buick run in park neutral and drive in reverse but stall when put in drive?

* cause it needs to be put in drive to go forward

How do you make a car drive if when its in neutral or drive it wants to move but won't and when its in reverse it will reverse?

it will drive but when in reverse it wont move

Why does your drive shaft make a squeaking noise while in drive only?

Check your universal joints!

What could cause a vibration when in DRIVE but Car is normal when in Neutral or Reverse?

drive shaft could be out of balance or tires could be out of round

Why is the engine squeaking in my Tacoma?

Check for a worn or loose drive belt.

Can differential cause truck not to go in drive but will go in reverse?

No it will not. Sounds like the transmission has a major problem.

What could cause knocking on the passenger rear side of a rear wheel drive car?

u knocking on it

Is it illegal to drive WITH A PERMIT?

You have to have an adult in the passenger seat for you to drive on a permit. You have to have an adult in the passenger seat for you to drive on a permit.

Your 1998 mercury Mystique will not drive in reverse When you put it in reverse it acts as if it is in drive what is wrong?

that sounds like your transsion you should have it looked at although you can drive it with out reverse for quite a while

What would cause a squeaking noise when you accelerate but not when you drive faster?

Sometimes squeaky noises can be a result of a damaged belt. When you speed up, the noise goes away. You should get your car inspected by a mechanic.

The car stahls when shifting into drive or reverse?


How do you drive in reverse?


Is it legal to drive in reverse?


Why would a Ford Fiesta make a squeaking sound?

because of the alternator drive belt loosing

Why does a 2002 Electra glide make a squeaking sound when decelerating?

Drive belt too loose!

Why does your drive shaft make a squeaking noise when you back up?

Possible failed u-joint.

How fast does the Lamborghini Gallardo go in reverse?

As fast as you can drive it in reverse.

Why does it take a few seconds for your 99 chevy malibu to go into drive and reverse when coming out of park?

Low fluid is a possible cause.

When in drive it goes reverse?

if the generated emf in motor is greater than supply voltage means the drive will goes to reverse

How do you find out what is squeaking in a car?

Take the car to a mechanic or a mechanically inclined friend to take it for a test drive.

Why is your Honda jazz squeaking when you go around corners?

sounds like your drive axles are going bad.

Is the 2012 Nissan NV-Passenger front wheel drive rear wheel drive or four wheel drive?

The 2012 Nissan NV-Passenger has rear wheel drive.