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What was the purpose of the great white Fleet?

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American naval power

To show the world American naval power

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2020-10-31 21:00:03

too impress other countries

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What fleet did TR send around the works?

It was known as the Great White Fleet.

How was the great white fleet used?

The Great White Fleet was used by Roosevelt to show the growing American military power. The fleet circumnavigated the globe between December 1907 and February 1909.

What was the most significant accomplishment of the Great White Fleet?

It was the largest fleet to circumnavigate the globe.

What president sent the Great white fleet around the world?

Theodore Roosevelt ordered this world tour for the fleet in 1907.

Why did the U.S. want to impress Japan with the Great White Fleet?

The U.S wanted to impress Japan with the Great White Fleet Because they wanted to show them and the rest of the world just how powerful the U.S military was

What effect did the great white fleet have japan?

The answer should be "the Japanese were impressed" that is for apex.

Why is the great white fleet considered to be one of Theodore Roosevelt's greatest achievements?

The great white fleet was considered to bo one of teddy rosevelts greatest achievements because it showed china that the united states had strength. the great white fleet started to sail the world when teddy Roosevelt came into office and came back when teddy Roosevelt left office.

What was the purpose of the first fleet?

The purpose was to search for the great southern land for a place for the convicts to go because it was getting to overcrowd in England.

Nickname of the US navy in the early 1900s?

The Great White Fleet, when a battle fleet painted their ships white and sailed around the world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_White_Fleet

The cruise of the great white fleet showed that?

the united states was a naval power. ~AKON~

What was significant about the tour of the Great White Fleet?

It made a big impression everywhere it sailed.

Why did roosevelt send the great white fleet out?

To demonstate U.S. naval power (apex)

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