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What were the demands of Austria on Serbia in world war 1?

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2014-01-15 23:34:42

There were ten of them, together called the "July Ultimatum".

The ten demands were:

The Serbian government should

- Suppress all publications which "incite hatred and contempt of

the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy" and are "directed against its

territorial integrity".

- Dissolve the Serbian nationalist organisation "Narodna

Odbrana" ("The People's Defense") and all other such societies in


- Eliminate without delay from schoolbooks and public documents

all "propaganda against Austria-Hungary".

- Remove from the Serbian military and civil administration all

officers and functionaries whose names the Austro-Hungarian

Government will provide.

- Accept in Serbia "representatives of the Austro-Hungarian

Government" for the "suppression of subversive movements".

- Bring to trial all accessories to the Archduke's assassination

and allow "Austro-Hungarian delegates" (law enforcement officers)

to take part in the investigations.

- Arrest Major Voja Tankosić and civil servant Milan Ciganović

who were named as participants in the assassination plot.

- Cease the cooperation of the Serbian authorities in the

"traffic in arms and explosives across the frontier"; dismiss and

punish the officials of the at Shabatz Loznica frontier service,

"guilty of having assisted the perpetrators of the Sarajevo


- Provide "explanations" to the Austro-Hungarian Government

regarding "Serbian officials" who have expressed themselves in

interviews "in terms of hostility to the Austro-Hungarian


- Notify the Austro-Hungarian Government "without delay" of the

execution of the measures comprised in the ultimatum.

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