Cold War

What were the main causes of the cold war?


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The main cause was the suspicion between the democratic West and the communist Soviet Union. Despite being allies during the second world war, after the war the Soviets slammed down the Iron Curtain - so began the cold war.

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The Atomic Bomb caused the cold war.

The Cold War. Vietnam was a "hot" battle of the cold war.

Yes, One of its main causes was USA´s involvement

The main reason for of the cold war was the need for the major superpowers to make their citizens feel assured that they were technologically advanced and prepared for any breakout of a new war. Each superpower wanted to flex military muscle to prevent the other one from attempting war with them.

The main countries in the cold war were: Ameriaca And Russia They were fighting against each other!

The direct causes of the cold war were tensions between the U.S. and Soviet Union. Distrust arose between them as WW2 ended.

the main reason of war is politics land and power but also religion

there were many causes of the Vietnam war but the "main" cause was fear of Communism

Describe the MAIN causes of world war 2.

The cold war was not a war; it was a military stand-off (no war). Americans died to operational causes (accidents).

Cold War means NO FIGHTING. There was no war during the cold war, with the exceptions of the two "HOT BATTLES" of the cold war, the Korean War and Vietnam War. Actual war between the the USSR & the US never happened.

The two main countries incoloved in the cold war is the USSR (Russia) and the United States.

The United States and the USSR were the two main countries in the Cold War

Some of the causes of war are territory, religion, terrorism, and other kinds of conflicts which eventually turn fatal or into a cold war.

the three main causes were the assasination of archduke Ferdinand, the invasion of Belgium

There was only 1 cause; nuclear weapons. If there hadn't been nukes there would've NO COLD WAR...just war as usual.

There was no real fighting to speak of, that's why it was called a " cold " war, but the main players were the US and Russia

The main countries involved in the Cold War were the US and the USSR.

The Cold War had many causes, the most important of which was the fear on the part of both sides that causing a "hot" war might lead to the destruction of everyone involved. Other causes include exhaustion from World War II and a commitment to working indirectly, not directly, to advance national causes and overcome enemies.

Theres only one cause; nukes. If there hadn't been atomic weapons, there wouldn't have been a cold war.

It means you should research what were the causes of the tensions felt by the various sides during the 'cold war'.

The main causes of surrender during the American Civil War are the same reason for surrender in any other war,... one side overwhelms the other.

Vietnam was part of the COLD WAR. It was fought to stop the spread of communism.

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