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The main countries in the cold war were:


And Russia

They were fighting against each other!

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Q: What were the main countries in the cold war?
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What two countries played the biggest roles in the Cold War?

The main countries involved in the Cold War were the US and the USSR.

Who are involved in the cold war?

The two main countries incoloved in the cold war is the USSR (Russia) and the United States.

What two countries were the main antagonists during the cold war?

US vs USSR (Russia)

Which were the two main countries involved in a cold war by 1950?

united states and soviet union

What was the main concern for the US during the Cold War?

the main concern was the threat of nuclear attacks and trying to stop the growth of communist countries.

Where cold war became hot?

The main opponents of the Cold War were the United States and the Soviet Union. These countries never actually fought in the battle sense, so the war did not become "hot" between them.

Was there more communist countries before or after the cold war?

far less after the cold war

What was the main result of the cold war?

all countries in Europe that were controlled by the soviets ave now demicraticlly-elected governments

What were major issues of the cold war?

The cold war was about how two countries fought each other.

What country was manipulated by cold war?

Virtually all countries were effected or manipulated by the Cold War.

Who was led by a dictator during the cold war?

Many countries were led by dictators in the Cold War .

What were the main countries involved in the cold war?

The main countries involved in The Cold War were the U.S., the USSR (Soviet Union), Turkey, and Cuba. As you most likely already know, the conflict was held between the USSR and the US, but Turkey and Cuba had a big role too. Turkey, was the country that held the United state's Bombs which were aimed at the USSR, and Cuba held the USSR's bombs aimed at all the US's major cities. so, those are all 4 of the main countries involved in the Cold War.

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