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The war betwen englin and the south side

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Q: What were the similarities and differences between new England middle and southern colonies?
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Related questions

How are The new england middle and southern colonies different and the same?

The New England Middle and Southern colonies had a lot of similarities and differences. For one, the colonies had strong English and French influences. They, however, were different in landscapes, as well as topographic and demographic features.

What were the similarities and differences between the northern and southern English colonies?

similarities are both religious and have the same thought to get fredom and land. Differences are that the temp is hotter in the England then the northern. THIS IS A STUPID ANSWER DO NOT USE THIS!!!!!

What are the differences from New England colonies and southern colonies in slavery?

the southern colonies needed slaves for their large plantations where in the new England colonies the colonists there protested that slavery was unfair.

What were the differences between the New England and middle colonies?

The Middle colonies are in between the Southern and New England colonies. The middle colonies are just farther south.

What were some of the similarities and differences between the founding of the New England Colonies and the Middle Colonies?

New England Was More Puritanical and Middle colonies were the Quakers etc.

What are some similarities between the new England middle southern colonies?

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Why did the economics of the southern New England and mid-Atlantic colonies differ what were the differences in the colonies?

The Southern Colonies were established as economic ventures and were In contrast, the early New England colonists were primarily religious reformers and separatists.

What are the difference and similarities between the middle and southern colonies?

The middle colonies were in between the northern colonies and southern colonies, and they did not depend on slaves as much as the southern colonies. And it was nicknamed the bread basket colonies. The southern colonies depended on slaves and was mostly made up of huge plantations. There wasn't really anything else... Similarities: They were both made up of Americans, both in the New England colonies, ruled by a king, and both are along a coast.

What are the differences between new England colonies and southern colonies?

in a nutshell, the new England colonies hwere cold, and the economy was more based on shops. they were more crowded and had a bigger pop. the southern colonies were based on farming and were mostly warm

What are the similarities between New England Colonies and Middle Colonies and southern colonies?

there are many answers for this, the economy is similar they all farmed with cattle and most had rum. also the south and the new England colonies both had the motivation for religious refuge for those from England.

What were the major differences between the southern and New England colonies by the middle 18th century?

Southern Colonies had more land so they produced more crop and they were a more rural area, and the New England colonies had more manufacturing buildings and they were a more urban area. Plus the southern colonies had slavery whiles the New England colonies did not.The middle colonies also produced and had slaves but barely as many as the southern colonies.

Economic differences between New England Middle and Southern Colonies?

New England Colonies- Industrial:Shipbuilding fishing and lumber Middle Colonies- Industrial/Agricultural:Furs, Fishing, Whaling Southern Colonies- Agricultural: Cotton, Rice, Indigo, Tobacco

How was religion different between the New England colonies and Southern colonies?

The New England colonies were predominantly dissenters and the southern colonies were predominantly Church of England.

Why did Geography lead to such differences between the New England colonies and the Southern colonies?

Farming was a big part of the 13 colonies.The fact that they[southern colonies] could grow so much more than them[new England colonies] made them grow soically apart.Wich now the Southern colonie and the New England colonies are niow separated.

How were the Southern Colonies interdependent on England?

The Southern Colonies received ships and manufactured goods from England. In trade, the Southern Colonies provided lumber, food, and livestock.

How did religion in new england and the southern colonies reflect larger differences between the regions?

Whereas religion was the basis of life and government in the Northern colonies, the lack of religion in the Southern colonies provided the basis for agriculture.

What is the different New England colonies?

New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies

What were the similarities of the New England middle and southern colonies?

The New England and Middle Colonies had the similarities that their children were taught about religion. Their parents thought it was very important for them to learn about religion. Girls couldn't go to grammar school or college. Males were the only ones allowed to go to college, unlike today. The girls were taught to read the bible and other religious papers as well. The Middle and Southern Colonies and the similarities that girls were taught reading and different skills to run a household and to practice for future children. The young boys and men received the most education. The New England and Southern Colonies didn't have much similarities except just like before, girls weren't allowed to go to college.

Where the new England colonies in the middle colonies and southern colonies?

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How did the southern colonies resemble England?

they were from England.

Who practiced subsistence farming the new England colonies middle colonies or southern colonies?

The New England colonies

Why did New England depend on southern colonies?

New England depended on southern colonies for the supply of materials such as cotton and foodstuffs.

What were the geographic and economic differences between the New England Middle and Southern colonies?

The soils and climates of these three different colony groups were different. New England colonies were in regions were soil was not as fertile as in the Middle colonies. Similarly, the climate in the Southern colonies was warmer and the crops raised were rice, tobacco, and indigo. The economies of these colonies was crop based. The Middle colonies grew many different types of grains.

Describe the economy in New England colonies?

the economy of the southern colonies.

Were rice and tabacco shipped to england from Southern Colonies?

Rice and tobacco was shipped to England from Southern Colonies. This was discover by Great Britain.