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What would cause a 99 cougar no turn signals or hazard flashers?


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Most likely it is the signal/hazard flasher. Where it is located is something I am looking for I recently replaced my turn signal/flasher on my 99 cougar. If you remove the lower part of the steering column and behind the turn signal you will see a black box type fuse. This is the flasher. Just unplug and plug in new flasher. 4 cylinder clld for a 3 prong flasher. I saved over $100 in not having to replace the whole turn signal stick or switch. Check this part first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Because the hazard/turn signal relay has failed. A defective/intermittent turn signal switch can also cause this symptom.

either a bulb or the signal flasher relay located on the fuse panel usually opposite the hazard flasher relay

There is usually a relay for the flashers and turn signals. It is usually a round metal looking thing in the fuse box. This is usually the norm. I have never worked on this specific vehicle, but they are all simular. Good luck.Brad.

turn signals and emerg flashers work off a flasher can. go to any auto store and buy a new one they are cheap and easy to replace

Yes. The relay that controls the turn signals is built in the switch.

Start by identifying the cause of the problem, then figuring out how to repair it is easy. It'll either in the power supply, the switch, or the wiring. Start diagnosing.

I had the same problem in my 1999 Mercury Cougar, I replaced the flasher located in the blinker assembly. It was very simple to do. Flasher cost about $10

Check out the "Related Question" below for lots of information about malfunctioning flashers on Taurus - Sables. It's not as bad as you might think...

Check your fuses if it is not your fuses i would say check your hazard switch, mine went bad on my Nissan and caused that problem

More than likely you car has 2 flasher relays. One for the turn signals and one for the hazard lights. Replace the turn signal flasher relay. My 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 only has 1 relay for both turn signal & hazard, but inside the relay are 2 sets of contacts, one for each circuit, the turn signal contacts were burnt, but hazard were ok. still change the relay as your first fix, alot cheaper then a new switch.

The most common causes are the bulbs themselves, but another problem could be your hazard realy itself, its kinda like a fuse, idk where its located but if it went bad, the flashers stop operating, its a cheap fix, just have to find the relay.

you might want to change your hazard light switch. i was having the same problem and i changed my hazard switch and it fixed the problem

Try checking the turn signal flasher. Not to be confused with the hazard flasher.

Defective flasher relay. Located behind A/C and heater control panel, in center console.

If the turn signals on a car works but the hazard lights do not there may be a problem with the flasher switch. The flasher is located in the steering column, and a damaged unit can cause the lights to stop working.

First be sure to check all fuses. If OK, then a common cause is actually the hazard switch. This is also the turn signal flasher. Try ressing in very lightly on the hazard button and see if the turn signals start to work. Of press button on and off very quickly and harchly several times, then try the turn signals.

A Hazard is something with the potential to cause harm or loss.

It can, if you leave the lights or flashers on too long.

A "safety hazard" is something that could cause a person to be injured or killed.

Possibility you may have a bad hazard flasher unit or turn signal switch. The cheapest route is to try to replace the hazard flasher unit as your first solution to the problem. Hazard flasher units should only cost you under $10 .

The textbook answer is "A hazard is any situation that has the potential to cause, or potentially cause harm or can be harmful to people, property or environment"

A hazard and a risk both mean something that could cause danger.

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