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It is possible the blower motor fan is starting to seize up or is loose and catching on inside fan housing.

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Explorer limited with EATC blower runs at High speed all the timeeven with the key turned off?

blower motor relay

Where is the screw that is to be turned to close moonroof on ford explorer?

It is a 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. The moon roof is stuck in the tilted position.

Why does the heater behind the dashboard make a clicking noise when the heater is turned on?

AnswerIf it's a rapid clicking sound that becomes more rapid when the fan is turned up high, you probably have a foreign object like a leaf stuck in the blower.It sounds like your Air door actuator or temperature actuator

What will make a 1994 Ford Explorer 4.0 V-6 not start when the key is turned it just makes a clicking noise?

A weak battery would do that

Why would a 1990 Grand Am SE spit and sputter at take off and why would the heater make a clicking sound when turned on but no air blow out?

Needs a tune-up, and bad blower motor.

Why 97 explorer Eddie Bauer electronic climate control is not on plus blower motor stays on all the time even with the engine turned off you have replace the climate control unit but still not working?

You will need to replace the blower motor control unit located inside the blower motor housing, this part is not the same as the part on standard explorers, it is not the same blower motor resistor.

Why my 2001 suburban Blower motor when turned on makes loud noise?

The bearings are out of it. Replace Blower motor.

What causes a clicking noise in the rear air conditioner on a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT?

Apparently it is the rear air "blender" ( whatever that is(?)) My 2003 Explorer was making the loud clicking sound from the rear driver side above the rear left wheel. I lived with it for a month before I just found the answer on the net. I turned off the rear fan control (from the front controls) and the clicking has stopped. I guess there is no more air from the rear now but the clicking has stopped- Car is long been paid off and I'm happy again.

Climate control blower wont shut off when the turned ignition is turned off on a 1991 corvette.?

Climate control blower motor was the fix. The part cost 441 dollars.

Why would blower squeal when turned to a higher speed 1998 Pontiac grand prix?

Blower shaft bushing worn.

Why does your blower shut off when turned on high in your 2007 town and country?

Blower resistor has failed. It is located behind the glove box.

1993 cadillac deville heater blower wont stop even with the car turned off?

Open hood . Disconnect blower module located near blower fan. Disconnect, if blower shuts off, repalce module

Why does Auto air conditioner makes clicking noise when turned on?

central airconditioner makes a clicking noise when running? any idea what to check?

When you start your computer you hear a clicking you can hear a clicking sound and then it wont start up?

I actually had this problem with my first xbox. It turned out to be the hard drive.

Have a 91 Cavalier htrac fuse blows as soon as turned on have checked blower motor relay and inline fuses have also checked blower control switch If any answer please tell what to check and where?

If the heater is blowing the fuse when the blower is turned on, I would suspect the blower motor is defective or locked up. If the A/C is blowing a fuse, suspect a bad clutch, or locked up compressor.

What is the reason Leif Erikson turned into an explorer?

He became an explorer because he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. He became an explorer because he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps.

Why would blower motor of air conditioner stay on in 1999 Chevrolet Express van when engine is turned off?

Blower fan relay is stuck or fused contacts, replace it

You turned off your car with the air conditon on when you restarted the car the air condition was not blowing at all what maybe the problem?

check blower motor fuses and if Ok GENTLY tap blower motor with a/c turned on should start back up if so it indicates a bad armature in the blower motor and is due for replacement soon, if it does not start back up, it means either a short has occurred in the wiring or it is a dead blower motor

What causes 2005 Ford Explorer to run too cool?

My 1995 Ford Explorer was running cooler on the temperature gauge and it turned out to be my thermostat

1998 mercury tracer heater and ac won't work no air will blow out at all?

It sounds like the blower is not blowing, check the fuse for the blower. To add to the above, I had the same issue on a '97. I could hear it clicking and trying to blow but nothing came out. I took the blower motor housing off (located underneath behind the glove box...very easy to get to) and it was clogged with leaves, small twigs. Tried it with the gunk in it and it turned, cleaned it and it purred. Put it back together and works fine.

How do you stop the blower motor in a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee from running when the car is turned off?

Replace the blower motor resistor block. It is located under the dash on the passenger side.

1990 gmc suburban 2500 ac blower not working fuses are good.?

Check at the blower motor itself. Have it turned on and tap the end of the blower motor with a hammer. I did this and found out that the blower motor was going out. The blower motor is on the top passenger side under the hood. Also check the wire connections. Make sure they are seated good. If this includes for the heater then I would say the blower motor is bad.

Why would a car make a clicking noise when the key is turned but the car not turned on?

A very low (but not quite dead) battery will do that. It's the starter relay trying to work.

What would cause a 98 Buick century the blower is turned on it sqeals like a loose belt for short time the last time it just stopped blowing but still made the noise complicated to fix?

The bearings on the blower are failing. You will need to replace the blower.

What did john Cabot work as?

at first he worked in a ship yard then he turned in to a explorer (not magicaly)