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two things mainly either your motor mounts on the engine or what i think the transmission has what is called a cross member that basically bolts the transmission to the frame of the Jeep it is hard to miss to check the motor mounts simply put a jack under the engine at the oil pan (place somethin between the oil pan and the jack to prevent a chance of puncture) then jack the engine up a very little bit and look at the two motor mounts they are on either side under the exhaust manifolds also check the bellhousing on the transmission (where the tranny bolt to the engine) make sure they are tight. i know this one... i have the same prob on my 240sx. its the body mounts that hold the susp. to the body. in the rear. like when you are in reverse put the clutch in and then hear a clunk, same thing if you are going down the road and let off the gas suddenly then it clunks. Might also be a driveshaft U-Joint about to go.

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Q: What would cause a clunking noise when you take your foot off the gas pedal fast but not when you take it off slow or push in the clutch This is happening on your 1979 CJ7 with a 3-speed manual?
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Is the kawasaki ksr mini bike with a manual clutch?

No, it has manual gearchange, but no clutch.

Why is the manual clutch not going into gear?

clutch slave cylinder.

Is a kx 80 a clutch?

yes it is a clutch (manual shift)

How to install a clutch in a 1990 Ford Escort?

go to autozone and buy a manual. we changed our mustang clutch . the manual helps alot

How do you know if the clutch goes on a manual transmission 94 ford escort?

Yes, the clutch does go on a manual transmission 94 Escort.

Is clutch pedals only found in cars with manual and automatic transmissions?

Clutch pedals are only found in cars with manual transmissions.

What are solutions for manual system?

the solution to a manual system is the use the clutch.

What automatic transmission does a 1994 F250 gas truck have?

one of three. c6 3speed auto. aod 4speed with overdrive. or a 5 speed manual

Why wont your manual trans engage gears?

There are several different answers, depending on what is happening. If you have a hydraulic clutch, there maybe air in the system that is not allowing the clutch to release. If it is a Mechanical clutch, a linkage may have come loose or broken. A Shifter linkage may have broken or came apart which will not allow the connection from the shift lever to the Transmission.

Where is the clutch slave cylinder on a 1994 pickup truck?

The clutch slave cylinder , for a hydraulic clutch , is inside the manual transmission bellhousing

Where is the clutch slave cylinder on a 1997 ford ranger?

The clutch slave cylinder for a hydraulic clutch is inside the manual transmission bellhousing

Where is neutral safety switch on 98 dodge 2500 manual trans?

A manual transmission does not have a neutral switch. It has a clutch switch, which is on the rod that attaches to the clutch pedal.

Can you adjust the clutch in a manual transmission 1996 Chevy Beretta 4 cylinder 2.2 and if you can and exactly how do you do it?

The clutch has an automatic adjuster therefore there is not a provision for a manual adjustment.

How does clutch affect fuel efficiency?

A clutch in an automatic transmission will decrease fuel economy. A clutch in a manual transmission will increase fuel efficiency.

Can a citroen c3 clutch be adjusted?

Its a hydraulic operated clutch, so its auto adjusting. No manual adjustment. If the clutch is slipping, you need a new clutch plate.

How do you adjust clutch on 1999 Honda Civic 1999 manual?

can we adjust the clutch on honda civic 1999

How Where do you add Clutch Fluid on a 1997 Mazda B2300 Manual?

where do you add clutch fluid on a Mazda 1997

What does The clutch pedal is found in cars with?

manual transmissions

How do you find a manual for auto clutch repalcement?

You need a repair manual for the particular car you are talking about.

What parts do you need to replace a clutch for a manual transmission a 94hyundai excel?

clutch plate disc and throwout bearing

Where do you fill the clutch fluid on a Mazda T3500 truck?

You don't use clutch fluid for a manual transmission vehicle.

Where clutch Slave cylinder is located?

The slave cylinder for your hydraulic clutch is located inside the manual transmission bellhousing

Where can you get a diagram of a clutch for a 1996 Honda accord?

You can get a diagram?æ of a clutch?æ for the 1996 Honda Accord from the Owners Manual. If you no longer have an owners manual you can contact Honda and they will send you one.

Clutch will not disengage?

If it's a hydraulic clutch, try bleeding the slave cylinder. Manual linkage, try adjusting the clutch. If no help, something's wrong with the pressure plate and you need a new clutch.

How much does it cost to replace the clutch cable in a 1997 Saturn SL2?

No clutch cable... Saturns use a hydraulic clutch system for all manual transmissions.