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check CV joints

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Q: What would cause a knocking sound when you turn left while you are driving?
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What causes a knocking when your car drops in a whole while driving?

It's really hard to understand what you're asking here."What causes a knocking sound when your car drops into a hole while driving?"If that's your question, I imagine that it would be the sound of your car dropping into a hole.

What would cause a knocking sound in a 1992 Cavalier while its running?

it might be a bent piton rod if you or water or somthing into the engine

Wheels knocking while im driving?

you could have a wire broke in the tire

What would cause a constant thumping sound while driving?

get the person out pf your

What would cause a 1994 Honda Accord DX to mak a knockin noise from the passenger front wheel when driving?

It depends on a few variables...#1 - If it's more of a hard clicking sound while the wheel is turned it will most likely be a bad half shaft (drive shaft with 2 CV joints going from transmission to wheel.)#2 - If it is a very hard knocking while driving on a flat, even surface it may actually be loose lug nuts. Tighten them up and check for the noise again.#3 - If it happens when you hit small bumps and a lighter knocking sound, it could be either a bad shock/strut or loose brake pads. If it's a hollow knocking it is a bad shock/strut, if it's more of a rattling knock, it's loose brakepads.#4 - Also check your front end bushings. If the rubber bushings are rotted/gone it can cause a metal on metal knocking sound.

What causes a knocking noise to occur during normal driving while slightly turning right.?

tie rods

Why do people use the phone while driving?

cause they can

What would cause your car to cut off while driving?

What would cause my VW golf to cut out whist driving

Will a faulty tps cause the tachometer to fluctuate while driving?

no it will not!

What is the leading cause of death in teens?

Driving while intoxicated.

What can cause whining noise while driving?

The kids in the back.

Can a bent rim cause a wobble while driving?

Yes is can.

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