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Actually, those are drops of water mixed in with the carbon that lines most exhaust systems. Normal.

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Q: What would cause black wet slippery oil to come out of exhaust?
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What can cause black carbon from the exhaust?

It would be unburnt fuel

What would cause gas in the exhaust on a motorcycle?

Exhaust of an engine is a gas.

What would cause 1988 ford ranger exhaust manifold to get red hot?


What would cause backfiring?

Exhaust leaks close to the engine.

What would cause oil to blow out of exhaust?

An exhaust valve(s) staying open upon compression.

What would cause backfire and exhaust smoke?

It could be timing is off. Need more info. Is it Fuel injected or Carburated? Exhaust smoke? Is it black? Black indicates alot of carbon built up. May mean the fuel is burning way to rich.

What engine control or sensor would cause black sooty exhaust above idle speed on a 1988 merkur xr4ti?

Could be EGR Valve.

Would exhaust leak cause timing problems on your 64 El Camino 350?

No, an exhaust leak would have nothing to do with your engine timing.

Would the exhaust cause the transmission to go out on a ford ranger?

No, not related.

Can a turbo cause excessive steam to pass out of the exhaust?

For steam to come out the exhaust you probably have a bad head gasket or a cracked head. If the turbo had an oil seal fail it would cause blue smoke to come out the exhaust.

What would cause a sound like a hiss or a bad air leak coming from the exhaust and also cause a loss of power?

An exhaust restiction, like a clogged catalytic convertor

What would cause black smoke to come out of one of the exhaust pipes as the truck has duals on a 1993 Chevrolet Suburban with a 5.7 L engine It does not do it all the time however.?

There are several reasons that can cause smoke two, out of the exhaust on your 1993 Chevrolet suburban. The most common reason is a dirty fuel injector.

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