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could be many problems that would cause that but my most popular one is a faulty idle control solenoid..could be a map sensor or an iac valve also ..i would start with those 3 first ,make sure the plugs on them are properly seated and on all the way .

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First check that the throttle return spring(s) on the motor are intact and functioning. Next use a spray grease to lube the entire throttle assembly (white lithium based is best), move the throttle assembly by hand to see if it moves freely. If it does move freely test it by using the gas pedal. If the pedal doesn't move freely, or the throttle stays open when the pedal is pressed the throttle cable is likely corroded inside. Replace the throttle cable & lube the pivot for the gas pedal. If you've recently done any work under the hood retrace your steps. Did you have the air cleaner off? If something, like a screw or socket, fell into the intake it's possible it got sucked into the throttle body and is lodging open the throttle plate, which is connected to the accelerator cable.

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