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Try a basic tune up. New spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor. When the vehicle is in first gear and you are accelerating, that is when the most load is on the engine. It sounds as though under a load, you are losing your spark because it is arcing out where it should not be.

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Q: What would cause your automatic car to sputter and jerk bad when accelerating in first gear but be okay once it gets to second?
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Will the transmission cause your 99 ford expedition bog down and sputter when accelerating 4.6liter?

will the transmission causes my 1999 ford expedition to bog down & sputter when accelerating the 4.6liter engine.

What might cause a 2000 Ford Contour to miss or sputter when accelerating?

could be a bad plug

What could cause your truck to sputter and stall when accelerating there is gas and air?

look to see if your intake manifold is gummed up with residue

Why Car stops accelerating?

Many problems could cause the car to stop accelerating. If the engine is running OK, then check a manual transmission for clutch problems, and an automatic transmission for possible slipping bands.

What makes a car sputter?

A malfunctioning battery can't provide enough power to your ignition system when the motor is idling can cause sputtering. If there is not enough gas, that can cause your vehicle to sputter. If the spark plugs fail to fire will also cause your vehicle to sputter.

What would cause a 1994 LeBaron LE to die at stops puff brownish black smoke out exhaust when accelerating and engine sputter at higher speeds?

check ditributor cap and rotor and spark plug wires

Why does the 95 Honda Civic ex sputter?

Cause it does

What cause car to sputter when going up a hill?

If it is an automatic, it may be a transmission problem. If it is a standard, downshift. Other than that it could be anything from spark plug to fuel line blockage.

Can a fuel filter cause a F-150 to sputter?

If its clogged

What cause your car to sputter when you drive it?

It may need a tune up.

What would cause a 2002 Ford Taurus hesitating when accelerating?

There are several things that can cause your 2002 Ford Taurus to hesitate when accelerating. A dirty air filter will cause the problem.

Would an engine sputter cause the check engine light to come on?

Yes it can.

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