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What would happen if Germany won World War 2?

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Many people wonder 'What if...' when reflecting upon major

historical events. Fortunately, there are a lot of excellent

fiction writers who ponder the same things we do. In fact, there is

a whole genre of fiction dedicated to just such speculation called

'Alternate History' or 'Alternative History.' Here is a list of

just a few Alternate History books that deal with the topic of


In the Presence of Mine Enemies by Harry Turtledove

Fatherland by Robert Harris

Third Reich Victorious: The Alternate History of How the Germans

Won the War by Peter G. Tsouras

Disaster at D-Day: The Germans Defeat the Allies, June 1944 by

Peter G. Tsouras

The Hitler Options: Alternate Decisions of World War II by

Kenneth MacKsey

The Moscow Option: An Alternative Second World War by David


Invasion: The Alternate History of the German Invasion of

England, July 1940 by Kenneth MacKsey

Rising Sun Victorious: The Alternate History of How the Japanese

Won the Pacific War by Peter G. Tsouras

A Damned Fine War by William Yenne, Bill Yenne

If Britain Had Fallen by Norman Longmate

They might have won if they didn't stop bombing the British

airfields in 1940. The Japanese could never have won, because they

were not aware of the mass industrial capabilities of the United

States. So it's likely that Germany could have won if Hitler

listened to his generals, and equipped his troops on the eastern

front with winter clothings.

Providing German troops with winter clothing would have been

helpful to the comfort of the Germans that is true, but I very much

doubt it would have had much difference on the outcome of war on

the Eastern front.

Military Strategy errors, and an opposing force with superior

tanks in number and effectiveness, as well as seemingly unending

man and woman power that had a fierce fighting ability that the

Germans underestimated as well as the sheer size of the Soviet

Union to try and conquer were major factors as well as the


For a near realistic view of what would have happened if Germany

had won or at least forced a ceasefire without their own surrender,

read Robert Harris's 'Fatherland'

It is a fictionally written situation novel, but excellently

written, for it so very nearly could have been.

If Germany had won in Soviet Union in '41 (when the Germans had

reached Moscow's gates), and Britain in '40, It could be that

America and Nazi Germany may have been in a face off in a Cold War,

much like the real one between the USA and USSR.

If Nazi Germany had not declared war on America when Japan

carried out the attacks on Pearl Harbor, there may have been no

open hostilities between Nazi Germany and USA, and possibly, Japan,

enraged by deceit by its ally may have declared war on Nazi Germany


The Nazi conquered Soviet Union would have had plentiful supply

of oil for Nazi Germany's war machine, Japan would find two large

enemies a handful.

Or maybe if Japan did not decalre war on Nazi Germany, small

wars would have taken place globally, between American backed and

Nazi Germany backed factions in countries around the world whilst

America fought Japan. (Again as did happen in the real Cold war

between USA and USSR.)

It probably would depend on whether they wished to engage in

such tactics, or just sit out the cold war, waiting and waiting for

one side either to crumble, or offer hand of friendship and

reconciliation and easing of stance, parralel to Gorbachev's ( then

leader of Soviet Union)actions in the 80's, and Hitler's view of

where America stood in his ideology, somewhere to be conquered, to

be wary of, or a big country to make friends with.

Of course in a cold war, hot war could break out any moment, and

victory in the large USSR would have even more inflated the Nazi

view of undefeatable superiority but Nazi Germany would have had to

assemble a huge naval and aerial fleet to even attempt an invasion

of America, the build up would have takan a while to do this, but

the later the cold war dragged on from early fourties onwards, the

more chance both sides would have nuclear weapons and assurance of

mutual destruction.

USA having Atomic and nuclear ability in '45, could possibly

mean that Nazi Germany would also scramble to find WMD ability if

they did not have the ability already (There was a factory in

occupied Norway where they were looking at the means of making a

H--bomb, only an allied sabotage raid stopped it, may not have been

carried out with occupation and defeat of Britain which was a nerve

centre of commando raids)

Hitler may have softened with age (You never know!) but if not,

his succesors or overthrowers would have been key.

Nazism in Germany may well have imploded the longer it existed

with the advent of new youth and dissillusionment.

All in all, just one scenario in a scenario in a scenario....

that may have been.

We will never know, all we can do to look at such matters and

look at such a situation and assess any form of possible realism in

discussion is speculate on such a matter by looking at history

since WW2, and try to look at the political, social and

geographical consequences of any alternate history.

please excuse my spelling, im from Germany.

if Germany would not have supported japan after pearl harbor and

declared war on the united states, the American people would have

never brought up the motivation to mobilize such a vast production

of arms and masses of volunteer military personal.

Surely, the war between japan and America would have ended in

victory for America simply judging by the availability of raw oil

which was the trigger for pearl harbor. But the main motivation for

the people of America was the propaganda machinery of the USA

government against nazi Germany (which today appears rather

harmless to what horror realy went on within nazi teretories) and

its allies. America would not have landet on the french coast and

engaded in the war of Europe but would "temporaly" have all hands

full with the war on japan. u must keep in mind; the American

nuclear ability that endet the war agains japan was based on the

work of nazi sientists imigrating or simply being kidnaped or

arested after the fall of the 3rd Reich.

so the war would probably not have ended in 45 but much


so where are we?

America busy with japan,.. no allied offensive in west Europe,..

Stalingrad taken by the Nazis now on their way towards moscow

(thanks to the Reich´s ability to conzentrate large amounts of

units in the east,.. No sherman tanks for british troops in north

Africa,.. Germany being the first world power with nuclear weapons,

jet planes(volksjaeger) and medium to long range missiles

(V2)............................................. It would have ben

a dark....dark future

If Germany had won WW2, several things must have happened before

hand. For example, Hitler actually letting the Wehrmacht,

Luftwaffe, Kreigsmarine and the Waffen SS run the war and not

himself. All of the officers in those departments were more worried

about how much power they had instead of getting the job done which

needed to be done. The plan was flawed in some respects. Germany

should have invaded Britain when they had the chance. Either that

or wait until 1945 to start the war when they would have more

resources to spare but then again, the allied forces would have

done the same. When Germany invaded Russia, USSR, they were driving

to Moscow and then split to Leningrad, Stalingrad and Moscow. What

they could have done was take Moscow and spend the winter there. In

the mean time, the built up forces along the supply routes to take

Leningrad and Stalingrad while bring up supplies to enable the

troops to survive the winter. North Africa could have been the

decisvie campaign if Erwin Rommel would have gotten what he needed

in a timely manner and if the Italian military so incompetent. If

Germany had done so, the war would have been won, and there might

be a chance that Americans and the Germans sign a peace accord. but

who knows what would have happened? all we can really say is what

Germany did wrong in the war and that we all might be speaking

German this instant or the gestapo knocking on our doors to torture

us before interrogations.

Just not happening. Even if the US hadn't been involved at all,

no lend-lease, nothing. Germany probably would have lost. The first

Lend lease shipments didn't reach Russia until 1942. Taking moscow

wouldn't have made a huge difference. The Soviets had already moved

their production facilities behind the Ural mountains. That means

that they weren't planning on giving up until the war got to at

least that point. Germany's Supply lines were horribly

over-extended. Of course it didn't help that Hitler was a

psychopath and a bigot. If he had been a rational militarist he

would have treated the Russian people decently and been welcomed as

a saivior, especially in the Ukraine. Moscow was as far as the

Germans could push, and after that the superior population and

resources of the Soviet Union would crush them.

What if he had though, through some miracle? perhaps by taking

Britain, and/or the Suez and the oilfields of Iraq by fully

supporting the pro-axis revolution there in 1941 (going through

Vichy controlled Syria)? then slowly building until the point that

the Soviet Union could be crushed and all of Eurasia,Affrica, and

Oceanea could be brought under Axis control... A dark future

indeed. On the other hand, peace could have been the Nazi party's

worst enemy, reducing the drive toward national alignment and

allowing the anti-nazi forces within the government to plan a


The simple fact is that if the Generals who were involved in the

bomb plot against him had known as much about explosives as the

average modern American 12 year old (for example knowing that an

unfuses block of explosives in the same bag as a fused block of

explosives will be detonated by the fused block when it explodes)

Hitler wouldn't have survived it.

All the Germans would have needed to beat England was complete

control over the skys. If the Luftwaffe had been able to wipe out

the RAF then a similar landing to D-Day in the form of Operation

Sealion would have been a success. A possible invasion strategy

would have been to drop in parachute divisions, similar to that of

normany, and to secure an airfield close to shore. Fly in several

divisions to attack the coast at the same time as the landings

would be taking place.

The only problem is that Germany never thought such landings

would be possible without securing a major port, which would still

be incredibly difficult even with air superiority. If they could

land on a stretch of beach close to an airfeild, with the use of

similar Higgins boats, used at D-Day it could have been done. With

Britain under attack Churchill would have pressed the Americans

however, who may have responded, unless already occupied with the

war in the pacific. So the Kreigsmarine would have been busy making

certain to blockade Britain from Canadian and American supplies

and/or reinforcments.

With Britain occupied and taken care of the Nazi's could then

head east. Being sure to start Barbarossa early enough in the year,

to take moscow by the fall. Also securing better supply lines, and

maintaining air superiority over the soviets would ensure quick

victory. Hitler allowing his generals to work would have been

helpful as well, and maybe allowing tactical retreats here and

there would have been smart as well. As already said, heading into

Russia as liberators and not torturing the civilians would have

helped get many more deserters from the Red Army, as well as have

civilians disobey Stalin's scortched earth policies, allowing the

German army food and shelter. As far as North Africa was concerned

Hitler should have driven to take Iraqi oilfields without as much

resistance from British troops, as they were already defeated.

Had Hitler actually been able to secure Nuclear weapons, the

Nazis would surly have used them. America would not have made

peace, since Canada was still at war with Germany, and the Germans

invading Canada would for sure have brought the Americans in.

In the end it is impossible to say if the Nazis ever could have

won, whether they were overthrown in government, or defeated by the

Americans. But had they taken England the war may well have turned

for the worse, and dragged on for many more years, with

unimaginable lasting reprucussions.

Hitler was a brillant leader and oritor but lacked ability in

war planning. Every day Germans saw the third Reich much as we see

America today: justified in the undertaking of war to protect our

homeland through any means necessary. Thus, I feel a victorious

thied Reich would prosper after winning ww2. That said, German

victory would have led to a much more stable world order in that

many middle eastern states would be nazi colonies and a similar

cold war senerio would have developed betheen the us and Germany as

did with the ussr. Although with the defeat of russia Germany's

econimic and industrial power would be great, Hitler's successors

would be more easly seen as ineffectave and much less capable of

running the state as the information age comes about (successors

chosen by power,corruption, and non democratic means). As Hitler's

influence fades, so does his Reich!

The only way Germany wins the war is if it ends in 1940 after

the Battle of France. AT BEST, Germany gets pre WWI borders, plus

Austria, Sudetenland, Schleswig Holstein and Alsace Lorraine. From

that point on Germany probably goes the route of Franco's Spain.

Once the United States gets the A-Bomb in 1945, its an automatic

victory for the Allies. The Manhattan project had very little to do

with German scientists taken after the Allied occupation of

Germany, but it DID have a lot to do with the emigration of Albert

Einstein who left Germany precisely due to Hitlers fanatical


Make no mistake about it, Hitler was NOT a good leader, if we

judge Hitler by his own Machiavellian standards, he was a miserable

failure, after all if the ends truly do justify the means, in the

end Germany was in ruins.

The question here is WHAT IF Germany had won the war, not HOW

Germany could have won the war. Picturing a victorious Nazi Germany

cannot be an easy task. The various forces and power centers within

the Nazi system suppressed during the war would have no doubt

boiled to the surface. It would only be the person of Hitler

who would keep the system together. Hitler was obviously ailing

towards the end of the war and it is doubtful that he would have

lived much past, say 1950. Massive resettlement of Germans in the

east would definitely have occured, at the expense of the local

population ofcourse. Poles would be pushed east to make way for the

arriving Germans. A victorious Nazi party would tighten its grip,

even further, on life in the Reich, but its long term prospects

would be vague. There can be no doubt that as time goes by other

voices would appear. The United States would for sure not be very

friendly to Germany, even more so if Britain had been invaded. Open

hostilities between the United States and Germany, while not

totally out of the question, is not likely, especially if Germany

wins the way, meaning defeating Russia before Pear Harbor. A

victorious Third Reich would not last for long, perhaps to the end

of the century, but after this disintegration would happen. As to

how Germany could have won the war itself, that is a different

matter. I am one of those who believe that the invasion of Britain,

operation Sealion, was not feasible and doomed to failure if

undetaken. Germany's path to victory against Britain would be by

taking an indirect route, by depriving Britain of its empire and

bringing it to its knees economically, following Admiral Raeder's

Mediterrerean strategy. Immediately following the fall of France,

as air battles rage over the British skies, Hitler should push

Mussolini into cooperating for an attack on Malta, which at the

time was lightly defended. At the same time begin putting pressure

on Franco to reach some agreement on an attack on Gibraltar, which

is an alot more difficult nut to crack, but would still fall if

faced with a determined German onslaught. An attack on Malta in,

let's say, July 1940, would see the island fall in a week or so,

maybe a little more. An attack on Gibraltar would take long to

prepare for and longer to execute. An attack on late summer 1940,

around September, could see the rock fall in a month or so. So

there we have it, by October 1940 the Mediterranean has become an

axis lake. Germany can now, with little diversions, build up its

forces in Libya and attack Egypt, if it has not already done so.

With the Mediterranean sealed to them, Britain might decide to

evacuate it and not put up much of a fight for Egypt. The Suez

canal would probably fall to the Germans and Italians before the

end of the year. After a little regrouping the Germans can then

move on into Palestine and the rich oilfields of Iraq. The Germans

would also now more easily take Greece and hop over and take

control of Cyprus. Turkey would now most likely read the writing on

the wall and join the axis. Britain would have to give up at this

point, Churchil would be kicked out, if he had not resigned by now.

Germany would seem unstoppable. With plenty of oil at hand, total

control over Europe, the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East,

probably Iran as well (the Shah was pro-German), Britain would be

unable to maintain its empire. India would be directly threatened

from both Germany and Japan, which at this point would be eyeing

the pacific with very greedy eyes. When Germany does invade the

USSR, it will not only be a full frontal assault as it was

historically, but the Germans would also push through the Caucasus

and quickly grab the vital oil fields there. With such a pincer

movement, Russia would crumble quickly. Japan might even take a

direct interest in the Russian far east in this case.

If Germany had won world war 2 i doubt Hitler would stop at

conquering Europe. Being the man hes known to be he would attempt

takin over pretty much the world. His power would grow with every

country he took over. he wouldn't stop until the aryan race ruled

the world.

Finally! an intelligent to 'what if Germany had won ww2?' But! I

don't believe that the superpower 3rd Reich would have ended up in

a stalemate with the US. Japan was Hitler's ally. Without nazi

scientists to make nukes and the third Reich helping Japan's effort

- they would have annialated any opposition from the US. An

invasion would have happened and the US would have come under axis

control. The Nazi's weren't into stalemates, they were aggressors

looking for your weakness. With that, the war would be over.

Some people say, that if the axis had won, that it would have

probably collapsed by the end of the century is difficult to say.

The Nazi's weren't like us. If you rebelled, your whole family was

slaughtered, your best friends, your colleagues, your dog! would be

dead. Sure there would be resistance groups, but I don't think such

a machine would loosen it's grip for a long, long time. Perhaps a

thousand years. When Hitler died, chances are, he would chosen a

successor, so no power struggle could ensue, thus keeping the

empire together. It would have been rome with nukes! and rome

lasted a long time, because no other force in the world had the

ability to bring it down.

Eventually, like rome, the 3rd Reich would have collapsed in on

itself. but not till after 1000 years.

It really was a fight between GOOD & EVIL. Thank God We


The Nazi doctrine was another form of society, like democracy

and communism, but much more radical.

The goals of the state held importance, not those of the

individual. Militarism was coveted, discipline to one leader, and

the most radical departure, belief in racial struggle, where the so

called Aryans, or those of Germanic blood are considered the

pedigreed among the races of the human species.

The problem with this philosophy is it doesn't bode well for

non-Germans, who make up the majority population on the planet. So

Nazi Germany was programmed to fail from the start. The odds that

80-90 million Germans could impose their will on all the other

peoples of the earth were very long indeed.

The Possibility of Germany winning ww2 was a very remote chance

1. Germany's Panzer Divisions would have drained many 100,000s of

gallons of Gas/oil which meant that they could have drained a whole

supply in 1 push towards a objective. Which means they wasted more

resources to secure the objective.

2 The allies had superior numbers compared to the axis mainly

because the Chinese ( Even though the Chinese didnt do much during

ww2 but defend their territories during ww2,eventually they could

have signed a decleration of war on Germany if the war dragged on

in the 1950's)The Russians ,and the Us. The total of soldiers would

have been in the 100 millions if the war dragged on.. 3. Germany vs

America's Economic and Production power wasnt even in the same

level of economic and Production Power... 4. Germany was loosing

more soldierrs then they can replace. (They were using 14 year old

boys to reinforce some of their lines)

I think the Third Reich would have fallen within about thirty

years, even if it had signed a peace treaty with America.

1)The Nazi regime was a based on the personality cult of a

psychotic. Leadership contests after Hitler had been put in a

mental assylum could well have destroyed the regime.

2)The economic policies of the Nazis were largely based on huge

national projects which are exhaustive (such as road building), and

warfare. It is hard to invisage a successful Nazi ideology working

in peacetime.

3)It is also hard to see how Nazism could translate to foreign

countries during peace-time. It was based on German history (in

opposition to French/British history) and the ideal of the Aryan

German race. It would have been hard to avoid resistance building

up in occupied countries that weren't at war. It wasn't like

setting up a colony, where at first you had the advantage of guns

and communications to suppress the natives. French and British

governments would have to fashion their own ideology to keep the

people suppressed, which would in time become so different that the

Reich would split apart.

4)Nazism encouraged IMBECILES. children growing up through Nazi

youth were taught to be utterly stupid. it is hard to imagine a

successful generation of leaders being created by it.

Even if Germany had won, the Axis Empire wouldn't have lasted

long. Hitler was too arrogant of a leader and the empire would have

been too large to maintain.

To give the Germans any chance at winning the Second World War,

we must go even further to 1914. If Germany won those crucial

victories in August 1914 and humbled the Triple Entente we could

well have seen a world power in 1939. Also, with the diminishment

of the Kaiser's influence and the growth of in popularity of small

radical parties such as the Nazis. With Hitler still at the helm

with a proper navy, an army that had never faced defeat nor the

chaos of 1919 he could have well have won the war - for a while at

least. With this massive army the obsolete Royal Navy would have

been destroyed. With better leadership in the Luftwaffe, and a

larger, professional army Britain would have collapsed in 1940. Yet

it would still take 1 million men to occupy the isles. Even with

the British Empire in collapse and the Nazis' Panzers rolling into

the Middle East, the immensely strong capitalist Russia (remember

Germany won in 1914 so the revolution of 1917 never happened) ,

once under attack, with expert leadership (no Stalin so no

massacres) with an army rivalling that of Germany's could easily

have pushed the Germans to the Oder. The Third Reich, a chaotic

empire with too long supply lines still faced a war on two fronts -

a guerrilla war in Britain and the Russians in 1943 The Japanese,

in all this chaos, invaded the German islands in the west Pacific

(no Versailles remember?) and would have helped the previous

British colonies get back on their feet by giving them membership

in their Sphere of Asian influence. As the Russians charged into

Nazi Belorussia, the Germans, holding Einstein captive, developed

and dropped two nuclear bombs on Russia. This however had little

impact on the Russian advance. In the middle of all this, the

United States eventually (inevitably) declared war on the Nazis for

sinking their shipping (and being an annoyance)and along with

Scots, Irish and Brits landed in Ireland and Scotland in 1945 and

with 7 months had reclaimed Britain. In 1947 D-Day was triumphant

and as both Russians and Americans sped towards Berlin, Hitler

kills himself. World War 2 ends, 8 years after in began. As the

capitalist Russians and Americans shook hands over the corpse of

Germany, war clouds gathered over Japan and so on...

I want to start ing this fascinating question by saying giving

some of my credentials: I am 24 and working toward a PhD in

Political Science with an emphasis on American Politics. This is

clearly a comparative government and International Relations

question and I hope that my History is up to date. First, Hitler

would not have stopped until all of Russia west of the Urals, North

Africa, and probably the middle east for oil reserves. Native

ethinic groups of these areas most likely would have been enslaved

and a new era of imperialism would have began. Germany would become

the new Hegemon, bust most likely the age of intense Nazism would

end with his death. Germany has a tradition of democracy and most

of the leaders in order of sucession Hitler had hand picked

(Donitz, etc) were not hardcore Nazis in the literal sense. They

were of aristocratic blood, intellectuals, internationalist, and

others who had suppressed their beliefs for their own selfish

career oriented causes. The empire that was to last 1000 years

would only probably have lasted as long as the Soviet Union proved

to last, maybe even to a lesser extent. Germans had already

experienced democracy and leaders upon Hitler's death would have

probably slowly began an enlightened transformation back to such. A

new cold war most likely would have developed as well. Those areas

left unconquered by Germany would have remained either colonies of

the former European nations such as Britain and France. France

would most likely would have established a puppet regime but would

have been left on its own to govern. Hitler didnt think lesser of

the English, French, Spanish, or any other western country. Nazi

sympathizers would have risen to power briefly in countries like

Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa and thus new wars would have

been encouraged in their respective local areas. thus, we could

probably imagine Latin America ruled by Chile, Argentina, and/or

Brazil, sub Sahara Africa ruled by the Afrikanas, and India still

controlled by a more nazi sympathetic Britain. The only likely

independent state unmoved by serious forms of nazism would be the

the United States, due mostly to its ability to easily isolate

itself from international conflict. But it wouldn't end there.

social mobilization is inevitable in the third world and many

disenfranchised groups would likely lead resistance movements

against their fascist oppressors. These groups would likely see the

former allied leaders as heros and martyrs, thus embrace ideologies

vastly contradicting to Fascism. An alternate form of cold war may

occur between the United States, which in no way could have ever

possibly be beaten on its own soil by the Japanese or the Germans,

and the fascist Europe. It would thus have been the US that

supported and armed guerrillas in Latin America or in Africa

against the Nazi leaning ideologists. Despite this, Germany would

only have lasted as long as Hitler then most likely turned to

Democratic forms gradually as not to obstruct the nazi leaning

organizations. Germany would definitely however be the strongest

nation in the world, even likely with oil reserves the most

powerful nation on earth for a very long time unchallenged in

superiority. It would have possessed the Atomic Bomb, missle

technology, and a capitalist economy that would together dominate

the world and surpas the United States in might. This proves most

likely true, since missle technology was adopted by the US's

welcoming of rocket scientists like Werner VonBraun. Jews most

likely would cease to exist, or if they remained, in small numbers

scattered throughout Siberia and the United States. The final

solution would have been a total reality with no survivors. the

plan may also have extended out to include more prominantly other

ethnic and religious groups that werent western European or

christain. Slovaks, Gypsies, and Poles, ofcourse would likely have

been the initial targets included alongside Jews, followed maybe by

Muslims, sub saharan africans, and maybe even possibly east Asian

ethinic groups. Noone can predict the limits of Hitler's madness in

this field. He simply hated so many groups that werent "Aryan" that

anyone could have been a candidate. this is a fascinating question

that only history could have ed. we can only all thank god that the

simple s to complex problems posed by Hitler didnt dominate after

the war. We can for now say that we have preserved the principles

of the enlightenment; the idea that each of us is equal before the

law and that we are born with inalienable rights to life, liberty,

and property that would prove dificult for any fair government to

take away.

I believe that Hitler made many mistakes in his rulership as

Dictator of Germany. One for example was letting the English and

French troops escape at Calais across the English channel into the

UK to come back and fight another day. Another one of Hitlers

mistakes was the Invasion of the USSR. Just because Stalin was a

communist, the notion of Hitler invading him was the biggest

mistake ever. History tends to repeat itself even when the lesson

is learned. Hitler created two fronts the day he invaded the USSR

and thus had to divide his army to fight. Because of his strong

alliance with Italy he had no fear for the time of getting invaded

from the rear. But his West side exposed to the UK and of course

the D-Day target the beaches of Normandy a place to just called for

an invasion. Also the late introduction of the V1 and V2 rocket

missles althoguh not very likely a turning point could have given

the sneak dictator a few months to hold off the US and British

attacks and try something. One of the biggest misteries is what

Hitler was creating in those huge laboratories dug deep into

mountains. Were all of them found were all even documented. You can

look back and see Lionardo DiVinchi's drawings that were way ahead

of his time, maybe a select handful of scientists were developing

WMD's that surpass our greatest beliefs. I believe they created

weapons and technlogies that either Stalin found and disclosed or

Hitler hid so well that we still havent found them. I mean Stalin

knew about the Manhattan Project with his inside spies in our State

department and Pentagon resources whats to make us believe he found

technology ,hid it ,and is passing it down until the time was

ready.Could Hitler have been developing Cold fusion to power his

war machines and is that why the Russian colleges and institues of

science are soo astounded by it? Whatever the reason Hitler failed

WWII because of novice mistakes and had he been more dependent and

listened to his Generals and staff maybe we would all be speaking

German or in some peoples case dead. And if we had decided to

conquer the Pacific THeater rather than the European first what

then would have happened. Could we have used the bomb on Berlin and

other main German cities instead ofHiroshima and Nagasaki. Would

that have scared the great USSR into backing down sooner during the

Cold war or making the Mother country even more hungry for nuclear


Hitler didnt 'let the British off' at Dunkirk. He stopped the

Panzers because Goering assured him that the Luftwaffe could

destroy the British without the Panzers help. At many points the

Germans made errors. But so did the allies. If The French and Brits

had attacked Germany in 1939, in the months after the invasion of

Poland when the vast majority of the Wermacht were in the East the

war would have been over. If the Brits and French had grouped their

tanks together after the Panzer fashion instead of using them as

infantry support, the Germans could have been thrown back,

especially as the Germans found the Brit Matilda tanks impossible

to knock out (though they would quickly become obsolete). And

talking of the vetoed German jet engine, Wittle, the British RAF

officer, had a viable Jet engine design in the late 1920's. If the

RAF had put this into production then the Luftwaffe would have been

shot out of the skies. Germany was winning in the early stages of

the Battle of Britain because the RAF, outbnumbered 4 to 1 coudnt

afford to lose the planes that the Germans could. This still doesnt

take away from the fact that even massively outnumbered the British

pilots were shooting down more planes than the Nazi airmen.

Furthermore, the Nazis would have gained the A bomb years before

the Manhattan Project if the Brits and Norwegians hadnt sabotaged

their earlier attempts. That said the Manhatten project had little

to do with Nazi scientists though its debatablt the moonlanding

could have took place without them.

At least two of the previous posts have made this false comment

that the US atomic bomb was built with the help of "Nazi

scientists". Not true. You are getting the Manhatten Project

confused with the post-WWII rocket programs of the US and USSR, the

race to develop ever bigger intercontinental ballistic missiles,

the Space Race. The post-WWII rocket programs did indeed utilize a

great many "Nazi scientist" - Germans who had worked for the Reich

to build the V2 and V1 programs.

The Manhatten Project had very few Germans - there were a number

of European refugees, scientists like Teller and Fermi and Szilard,

but a great deal of the work was done by American scientists and

engineers. Hitler's racism drove the best and the brightest of

European scientists to work for his enemies.

It is hard to imagine the U.S. NOT getting involved in a war

with Nazi Germany, whether Pearl Harbor occurred or not, whether

Germany declared war on the U.S. or not.

Roosevelt was increasingly getting the U.S. involved in

supporting the British, through Lend-Lease, sending in military

"observers", etc. For example, it is now known (although a secret

for a long time) that when the British sank the Bismark, there was

a U.S. Navy pilot helping the British to fly the American-built

Lend Lease PBY seaplane that through pure luck spotted the damaged

Bismark (after the British fleet had managed to lose track of it),

and there was another U.S. Navy officer aboard one of the British

battleships that engaged the Bismark in the final gun battle.

Sooner or later, like Vietnam, these American military advisors

would have gotten involved in some direct conflict against the

Germans, and this would have been enough of an excuse for either

the Germans or the U.S. to declare war.

The ONLY scenario that I can think of where Germany won WW2

would have been if Germany had successfully built an atomic bomb

before the Soviets did, and/or if the Germans had also built a

fleet of strategic bombers, similar to the US B-29. Then, the

Germans could have firebombed or atomic bombed all of the Soviet

cities and heavy industry, similar to what the U.S. did later with

Japan, and just wiped out the Soviets. With this capability,

Germany also could have bombed Great Britain, and prevented the

U.S. and British from building up the supplies and the forces for

an invasion of Europe. This would also have prevented the U.S. and

British from establishing the bombing campaign that crippled

Germany's synthetic fuel plants, which was the final blow that

wiped out Germany's ability to wage a modern, mechanized war.

In such a scenariao, Germany would not be able to defeat the

U.S. completely, just hold it at bay. And, so, as mentioned in some

of the previous posts, in this scenario, Germany would replace the

USSR in a post-WWII world as the dictatorship ruling Europe, and

there would a similar nuclear standoff and Cold War with the


In this same scenario, Nazi Germany would of course be able to

complete the Final Solution and eliminate all traces of this

genocide (I think many of the fictional accounts have this same

idea). There would be no State of Israel, as there would be no

surviving Jewish refugees. In fact, German troops would be in Egypt

and Saudi Arabia, controlling the oil fields there. In their

vaction time, the Nazi troops would take over British Palestine and

do their best to eliminate the last vestiges of Jewish culture

there as well.

I agree with those who think that this Nazi Empire would not

last beyond Hitler's lifetime. There would be too many former

underlings fighting for power after Hitler's death.

The outcome of this question is highly dependent on when

Germany is assumed to have won. Historically speaking, the highest

likelihood for a German victory would have been relatively early.

For the purposes of this speculation, let's make several


  1. The Battle of Britain and the early Battle of the Atlantic go

    slightly better for Germany than in reality. This forces Britain to

    reach a negotiated peace deal; thus, Britain is out of the war in


  2. Germany does NOT declare war on the United States immediately

    after Pearl Harbor. Thus, coupled with #1, means that the United

    States does not become embroiled in the European Theater, and

    Germany and the United States do not go to war.

  3. Hitler still decides to attack the Soviet Union.

The outcome here is that Germany most likely would have defeated

the Soviet Union, since they would have been able to add about

25-30% more divisions to the invasion, and the Soviets would not

have had US backing for war material.

The terms of a negotiated peace with Britain would likely have

resulted in a significant reduction of the British Empire. So, by

about 1944, Germany would now have controlled these countries:

  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Bulgaria
  • Yugoslavia
  • Greece
  • Most of the Soviet Union west of the Ural mountains.

In addition, Germany would likely have gained possession of

Gibraltar, Malta, and possibly Egypt, plus probably what is now

Kenya, from the peace agreement with Britain.

The Soviet Union would have lost the western 1/3 of the country,

with most of its valuable arable land and industry. Britain would

likely have had significant problems continuing holding on to most

of the Far East part of the Empire (now that Egypt and the Suez

were lost to the Germans).

Given Hitler's personality, it is difficult to see him presiding

over any significant period of peace. Indeed, he would probably

have found an excuse to start some other conflict after a number of

years (say in the early 1950s). What that would have looked like is

anyone's guess.

However, in the scenario just outlined, here are some


  • The great Anglo-American alliance which has defined most of the

    20th-century's military balance never comes into being (Britain is

    force to surrender before the US can really help, poisoning

    US-British relations). NATO (and the Warsaw pact) never exist.

  • Poland permanent disappears. The Western half is absorbed into

    Greater Germany, is depopulated of Poles, and completely filled

    with Germans. The Eastern half is joined to the portions of Russia,

    the entirety of which is a giant slave labor camp.

  • Israel never comes into being. There is no great post-war

    Jewish migration to Palestine.

  • Most likely, the Holocaust goes on with even more ruthlessness.

    A sanguine estimate is twice as many are killed, possibly

    eliminating 90%+ of all Jews in the Old World. Great Britain and

    the U.S. are effectively the only place that Jews now live in the

    entire world.

  • India gains its independence not through a peaceful struggle,

    but as a result of a weak Britain being unable to manage it in the

    face of violent revolution

  • The United States defeats Japan well before the August 1945

    date. Able to concentrates its full industrial output on a Pacific

    War, the US wins an entirely non-nuclear contest by late 1944. No

    invasion of Japan occurs, but the US effectively burns the entire

    nation of Japan to the ground using incendiary bombs, and 50% of

    all Japanese die from starvation and deprivation before the Emperor

    forces a surrender.

  • Fascism (and not Bolshevism) likely becomes the philosophy of

    revolutions and revolutionaries of the rest of the 20th


  • Communism effectively dies with the defeat of the Soviet Union.

    Mao doesn't succeed in China, even though the US defeats Japan. The

    Nationalists control China, which becomes a democratic republic

    (albeit one with significant autocratic tendencies)

  • The US develops, but does not use, the Atomic Bomb. However, it

    would likely be used in whatever conflict Hitler decides to start

    in the 1950s. By then, Germany has developed The Bomb, and World

    War 3 is a nuclear war, fought in the 1950s (likely in

    "inlink_gtb" href="" title=

    "Africa">Africa or the Middle East to start).

  • The Pope loses all credibility with his inability to have any

    influence (or make a principled stand) during the conflict. Vatican

    City ends up in a German vassal state (as Italy turns into after

    Mussolini's incompetence forces Germany to effectively run the

    country for him). Consequently, Catholicism suffers drastically,

    likely losing huge numbers of converts to various Evangelical

    Protestant churches. Africa and Asia go Protestant, not Catholic.

    Even Latin/South America see significant Protestant gains. The

    Catholic Church loses much of its European property to

    confiscation, and probably well over half its total wealth.

As far as casualty counts go, here's what happens:

  • The United States and British Empire countries lose about half

    the number of people. Not having to fight an extended European

    campaign significantly reduces the Anglo-American body count. The

    US casualties in the Pacific are about double, but this is still

    insignificant compared to the non-losses from the European


  • Japan effectively doubles its dead, almost all of the

    additional consisting of Japanese mainland civilians, killed by US

    firebombing or (mostly) by widespread famine as a result of the

    complete collapse of the Japanese food system as a result of US

    bombing and elimination of the Japanese Merchant Marine by US


  • The U.S.S.R. lose 1/4 to 1/3 less people in the war, but German

    brutality and deprivation in the occupied Western Russia easily

    make up for it. Likely, the U.S.S.R. loses 40-50 million instead of

    26 million by 1950.

  • The Holocaust consumes 12-15 million people. Virtually all

    European Jews not in Britain or Sweden die by 1950. Those given

    sanctuary in Switzerland, Spain, or Italy are eventually turned

    over to the Germans, and killed. The same goes for the Roma, who

    are also virtually exterminated. The German Euthanasia plan spreads

    to all German-occupied countries, resulting in 1-2 million mentally

    ill being killed.


Germany possibly had the ability to win the war, but Hitler made

too many mistakes because he didn't listen to his generals.

First of all, the German Wehrmacht should have captured all the

400,000 British soldiers in the "Kettle of Dunkirk" (80% of the

British forces and equipment !) instead of letting them escape

across the Channel.

And then immediately invade the U.K. with all the German

soldiers, airplanes and ships available.

After the British defeat Germany had all the time and manpower

to deal with Russia. But the attack should have started no later

then April in order to finish with Moscow before the Russian winter


Then, Germany would have signed a non-aggression pact with the

U.S., leave Americans and Japanese alone on the battlefield and

start to build up the "New Order" that Germany wanted to


So, in that case the Cold War would have taken place between

Germany and America whereas Russia and China would only be "minor


It is possible that after Hitler's death democratic reforms

would have been implemented in Germany and its satellite neighbors

France, Italy, Russia and Spain. Similar to the Glasnost and

Perestroika reforms that were actually established under


On the other hand, National Socialism was much more market-,

consumer- and technology-oriented then Communism. And when you

imagine that the Germans controlled most oriental oil fields and

all the former British and French colonies, it is not unlikely that

the majority of the Europeans would have arranged with the

authoritarian system because the living standard in Nazi Europe

would not be lower then in democratic Britain or America.

The people to suffer of course would be all the Jews, Africans,

Arabs and handicapped who did not meet the Aryan racial


No one can imagine how far the holocaust and euthanasia programs

would have gone.

No one can imagine how many tens of millions of "inferior" human

beings would have died in gas chambers or in medical and

pharmaceutical experiments,

So, when you consider this, we should all be glad that the

German "End Sieg" did not happen.

Obviously things could be worse and he had not only the power but

also enough stole money to continue an endless war and enough

madness to try to be the owner of the entire planet and then I

do`nt know what would happen because he won`t have more countries

to conquer

Hitler planned to move on to the US and have a world


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