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State laws vary but generally the answer is yes.

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Q: When a married couple buys a house but only one name is on the title do they still get 50-50 when there is a divorce?
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Is a person still considered married if the courts dismiss a divorce proceeding?

Yes, the couple would still be legally married because the divorce is not finalized.

Is Tom Cruise married to Katie Holmes?

They are still married, but Katie Holmes filed for divorce in June 2012. Divorce proceedings have begun for the couple.

Your wife threw you out of the house 26 years ago are you still married?

If you didn't get a divorce, you are married.

What after twenty years of abandonment of marriage is the couple still married?

Yes. You need to file for divorce.

With a divorce pending can you get married?

In the US, NO!! The couple who have a pending divorce are still legally married. Until the final decree is read in court, neither one can legally re-marry. To do otherwise is bigamy and punishable by US law.

If a husband obtains a US divorce from a civil marriage in the US without mentioning the religious marriage in India and the couple still live together is the divorce valid?

US laws take precedence, therefore if the couple were legally married in the US and legally divorced in the US, then the divorce is valid. If the couple lived together as a couple (engaging in a sexual relationship, sharing mutual finances, etc.) at the time the divorce was pending then the divorce is not valid.

If you marriage for 20 years and your husband abandoned you are you still considered married?

You are still married. ANSWER: Yes you are, and the only way you can be divorce from him is when you or him file for a divorce..

If you have filed for a divorce can you still live in the house with your spouse?

If you recently filed for a divorce in alabama,can you still live in the house with your spouse

Why did Nelson Mandela divorce his three wives?

He didn't. He only divorced 2 of his wives. Nelson and Graca Machel are still a married couple to this day.

When a wife sleeps with husband during divorce proceeding will this make the divorce null and void in Illinois?

No. You can still live like a married couple, that wont change anything. The papers you filled in is what matters. Unless you end the proceedings the divorce is still on. The court don't care about your sex life.

Are george and Laura bush still married and if so is divorce in the future?

They are still married and have no published plans for a divorce. More information can be found at the attached link.

Can the law make me leave my in-laws house while my husband is there and we are still married even though he has filled for divorce?


Did Faith Hill and Tim McCraw get a divorce?

No they have not gotten a divorce.. They are still happily married..

Did Jason Taylor and his wife get a divorce?

No. She filed for divorce in 2006 but they then reconciled. They are still married.

If men are going through a separation or divorce why do they still refer to their exes as their wives?

A Separation is not a divorce and you are still legally married. "Getting" a divorce, you are still married until the law tells you otherwise and papers are signed. I usually hear "ex wife" or "ex husband" and that just means the couple don't live together and could mean they are just separated or are getting a divorce. Some men may refer to their ex wife as "wife" out of habit.

Is it legal to get married if your divorce isn't final in California?

No, it universally illegal to marry if you are already married and until the divorce is final you are legally still married.

Who is brooke Baldwin engaged to?

Brooke Baldwin was engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Jay Davis, a horse veterinarian. The couple got married in 2010, and they are still married, despite rumors of divorce online.

Is Kim Kardashian and Kris still married?

Kim filed for divorce, so they are still married, but not for long.

What is the difference between broken marriages and divorce?

A marriage may be broken beyond repair with a couple living separate lives - without the benefit of divorce, so legally they are still married. A divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage. The marriage is legally ended.

When will Elin divorce Tiger Woods?

They are still married.

Is Gary Morris getting a divorce?

no he still married :)

Did Tia mowry get divorce?

No she's still married.

Is Jason Aldean divorce?

No, he is still happily married.

Are you still married if your husband was deported 8 years ago?

Yes. No matter which of the two countries you were married in, you are married until one of you dies or you get a judgment of divorce signed by a judge. You can still divorce your husband, even if he lives in a foreign country. You can still divorce your husband, even if you cannot find him. You cannot legally remarry until you obtain a divorce.

Is your divorce finalized in nebraska if your still living as husband and wife and in the same house?

You can have a final divorce and still be living together in the same house. The divorce is just a legal recognition of separation. What you do in your relationship is up to you.