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On most cars a gasket is required along with the RTV sealant. A new gasket should have come with the water pump. Ask the parts house where you purchased the part.

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Q: When changing a water pump on a 1994 Nissan is a gasket needed or can rtv sealant be used by itself?
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How much is a head gasket for a 1995 Nissan altima?

The head gasket itself is relatively cheap..around $20 at most but the labor involved with changing it would probably be at least $400 if done in a shop.

How do you replace an oil filter gasket in a 3.8 2001 Ford Windstar?

The oil filter gasket is built into the filter itself, so just by changing the filter, you always get the new gasket.

What do you lube the thermostat gasket with?

You do not "lube" the gasket with anything. If it is a flat paper gasket, you can use any shelac type sealer, but you don't have to as these will usually swell with contact with coolant and seal. If it is the kind that is a rubber ring around the thermostat itself, these require no sealant as pressure alone seal the housing to the motor.

What causes a leak at the water pump on my Nissan altima?

more than likely it is the water pump gasket,it probably has a tear in it or just dry rotted from age and use or if it is leaking out of the water pump itself it is the seal inside the water pump itself if this is the case the water pump must be replaced if it is the gasket just replace the gasket ...

Do you need gasket glue to change a valve cover gasket or is the new gasket enough itself Why then does gasket glue exist?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on - A) what type of engine and B) what type of gasket. Older cars mainly used cork gaskets, so gasket sealant was a wise choice. New engines use rubber, some with metal bushings or spacers, so the typical "blue glue" as daddy used to call it isn't required.

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How do you Change oil pan gasket for Plymouth acclaim?

Changing the gasket itself is simple.. drain the oil, unbolt the oil pan from the bottom of the engine, use some aerosol gasket remover and remove all traces of the old gasket, slap the new gasket on with some RTV, and reattach the oil pan to the engine block. Not a whole lot to it. The trouble lies in getting to it... on a lot of cars, you'll actually have to remove the engine from the engine compartment in order to do this.

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