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Generally for "severe service" (normal stop-and-go short trip driving) an automatic transmission should be drained, the filter replaced and refilled every 25,000 miles. On most light vehicles it is rather involved to replace the fluid in the torque converter. You normally only replace what drains out when you take the pan off to replace the filter. If done every 25,000 miles almost all the fluid will eventually be replaced after several changes.

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Q: When should a transmission be flushed?
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If the transmission fluid has not been flushed by 70000 miles should I have it flushed?

Yes it should be!

Should I have the transmission flushed or only change the fluid?

The best way is to have the tranny flushed in order to get all the fluid out of the valve body and the torque converter.

How often should the transmission fluid be flushed?

Defiantly agreed DO NOT FLUSH TRANSMISSION also ammaco in SLC UT 600s 300w Will scam you out of your money

How often does a cars transmission need to be flushed?

Car transmissions should be flushed at least once every two years, that's what most car manufactures say and mechanics

Do you have to have the transmission flushed at a dealer when changing the transmission fluid?

No, Fluid, filter, and gasket

Why does your transmission slip when it is hot you have a 97 blazer?

Change your transmission filter and have the trans flushed.

Should a 1999 Hyundai Sonata autumatic transmission be flushed or drained when changing fluid?

if you change trans fluid REGULARLY like you should, flushing is not necessary

How often should the transmission fluid in an automatic 1992 Mazda protege dx be changed?

I'm not an expert on this subject, but I had a mechanic recently tell me that your transmission fluid should be flushed every 30,000 miles. Good transmission fluid should be a semi-transparent pinkish color. If you notice that it is discolored, dark, or has dark particles in it it probably needs to be flushed. You can always add fluid if there is room but this will only temporarily fix the problem since your transmission cycles the fluid and reuses it. Hope this helps! Chris

What if you accidentally pour transmission fluid into the brake fluid?

Have it cleaned out and flushed immediately

How do you tell if there is water in the transmission and what is the fastest and cheapest way to remove it?

It will be a PINK color when it should be a pretty RED color. You will have to have the transmission flushed out at a transmission shop and the fluid and filter changed too. Then you need to find out HOW the water got in it in the first place.

When to change transaxle fluid?

The transaxle fluid should be changed every ofter according to the Honda recommended specifications. Honda recommended every 75,000 miles the transmission should be flushed.

Automatic transmission slip?

Low on transmission fluid if not try having the system flushed they change trans fluid filter flush out all the old and put in new fluid should solve if not low on fluid.

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