Corals and Coral Reefs

Where can a Coral Reef be found?

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A coral reef can be found in tropical and sub tropical waters. They cant be found any more north or south of 30 degrees above the equator. The most famous and largest coral reef is the great barrier reef which is about 2900 other reefs all in one place. They are found on the coasts of Australia. Global warming is getting rid of lots of coral reefs though. In 50 years 50% of them will disappear (if we don't do something) so be more enviromentally friendly now!

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The worlds longest coral reef is on which continent?

The biggest coral reef is found in Australia.

Where is the fourth largest coral reef in the world found?

The largest coral reef is found under the beaches water

List of animals found in coral reefs?

coral reef

How does coral reef grows?

the coral reef have babys the coral reef have babys the coral reef have babys the coral reef have babys

Were is a coral reef?

Coral reefs can be found ALL AROUND THE WORLD! the largest coral reef is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. around 1260 different ones

Where is the coral reef mostly found in?

The Great Barrier reef in Australia.

Do amphibians live in the coral reef?

amphibians are found in coral reefs they are found in in tiny oxygen holes of coral

What type of coral are found in the coral reef?

underwater pin head

What plants can be found in the coral reef?

Algae are the most common plant found in coral reefs.

What is coral reef and were is it found?

a barrier formed of dead coral found primarily in warm seas

Why was the coral reef named coral reef?

the coral reef is named the coral reef.................ther is a lot of coral in in, and a reef is A strip or ridge of rocks, sand, or coral that rises to or near the surface of a body of water.

What are corals where are coral reef bariers found?

coral is actually little tinny animals clumped together to make one. Coral reef barriers are usually found in warm water around the tropics.

What state or city is coral reef found?


Is the great coral reef the same as the Great Barrier Reef?

No. A coral reef is just a reef made out of coral. There are many other kinds of reefs. A coral reef is just one kind. The Great Barrier Reef is a specific coral reef. There are many other coral reefs in the world.

What makes a coral reef?

coral is a plant. usually underwater, it grows on a reef. therefore you get a coral reef.

Where do needlefish live?

in the coral reef in the coral reef

Where does a coral reef fish live?

In a coral reef.

What is the large coral reef found along the eastern coast of Australia?

The Great Barrier Reef

Is a coral reef made of sandstone?

Really? A "coral reef" is made of "coral."

Does it rain in the coral reef?

It does not rain in a coral reef because the wind near the coral reef is dry and has no moisture

When was the first coral reef found?

alwas doodoo head

Name one arthropod found on the coral reef?


Where is coral reef normally found?

in hot areas underwater

What is a backreef?

A backreef is a lagoon found in a coral reef ecosystem.

Coral reef plants?

Plants found in a coral reef is a sea grass algea othella turtle grass shoal grass and manetee grass

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