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Where can you download music?


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For any phone with a USB and a computer without a USB

here is a tip: go on to youtue converter and load up YouTube aswell!

if you want a song to download for your phone or computer,

for your computer here are the steps:

load up youtube and youtube converter

click on the song on youtube to play it

at the top of your screen right click on the web link and copy it

then go to youtube converter and paste it in there.

click convert and download then save as

save it in your computer folder whichever one you want!

how to do download songs using USB:

inseart USB

load up youtube converter and youtube

click the song to play it

at the top click the web link and copy it

then go on to youtube converter

and paste it in there

click convert and then download and save as

then save it in your phone music file


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To download music using 7Zip you need to open and access the file, select the music you wish to download and begin download when prompted.

Q. How do you download music to your phone of the Internet A. You Can Go Onto Websites Where You Can Download Music To Your Phone Just Type In "free music on your phone"

There are many sites available on internet, where you can download music for free. Search for your favorite music on internet then visit the site and download your favorite music.

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Copyrighted music is illegal to download.Many bands have made their music publicly available and it is not illegal to download their it a legal to download song for free

if you want to download music from YouTube, you must have Internet Download Manager (IDM). if you have the IDM, it will pop-out while you playing any music/video and ask to download it.

Maybe... It depends on where you are downloading the music from. Some music is free to download and it is legal, but, not all music you can download for free is legal. If you download the music from a website that you pay for each song then it is legal. If you are downloading music for free from a file sharing website then that is illegal. If you download the music from a website that has legal rights to distribute that music and they give it free of charge then it would be legal.

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