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You could try this company I found in Canada, they were very helpful

also try

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Q: Where can you find new float bowl screws for Keihin carbs off a cb900c?
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What is the Float adjustment for 087A keihin carb for a 550 Honda motorcycle?

22mm is the float height for this carb

Would a hardboiled egg float best in regular water salt water or sugar water?

From experience I know that the egg will float better in salt water because the additives and (carbs or sugars) will cause force to the egg and push up on it to make this then float.

How do you adj the float on a 93 400 bayou?

The float on a 1993 Bayou is tricky to adjust. You first have to remove the carburetor from the quad, Remove the four phillips screws that hold the float bowl cover on, take a small screwdriver and bend the float upwards or downward depending on whether you want more or less fuel.

Where is the float boat located on a Kawasaki Ninja 500 and how do you drain the carburetors?

Do you mean float bowl,and they are on the bottom of the carbs.To drain them you'll need a special tool(looks like a long Allen wrench,about 2 foot in length)and there is a drain screw on each of the carbs.AnswerI used to drain mine with a flat head screw driver, it has to be long, but not 2 feet. Just make sure the engine in cold, you can see the drain screws on the carbs. Just get a Clymer Manual and it will tell you everything you need to know. I also believe that the screws are both accessed from the right hand side of the motorcycle.

How do you drain a fuel from a larson lxi 190?

Remove the access plate from under the rear bench (round with about 6 screws). Underneath you will be able to seen the fuel tank and fuel gauge float port. Unscrew the screws holding on the fuel gauge float. Gently remove the fuel gauge float. Insert long syphon tube into tank and run hose either over the side or through drain port to the outside and into holding tank.

Where is the float on a VW Beetle carburetor?

inside it- remove the air filter from above, and there will be five screws (flat head type) on the top of the carb. undo those, and lift the top of the carb off. the float chamber is the bit furthest away from you, and the float is the (usually) brown plastic, hopefully air filled, box.

How do you fix a stuck carb needle on a Yamaha Warrior 350 when the screws on the float bowl are stripped?

Remove them with some WD-40 and some vice grips.

Why is it some stool sink and some float?

The one which flow has less density than the water (i.e. 1) means no screws will be there and they will be stuck with some adhesive.The one which sinks has more density than water and screws might be used in it because screws are generally made from iron whose density is more than that of water.

How can you adjust the carburetor float on a 1987 ford clubwagan van which has a holly 4bl carburetor.?

don't do it unless you know how and if you did you wouldn't be asking adjusting carbs is an art form so I sugest you find an old mechanic ie; someone in ther fifties they are about the only guys left that know how to adjusat carbs

What causes your engine to sputter at high rpm on your dirt bike?

it can either be the coil that provides the spark for the spark plug failing or an out of tune carburator. i would try cleaning the carb but being very careful not to move the screws/float bowl position/ or air screw. but spray everything with carb cleaner and spray dry with an air compressor, making sure all needles are cleaned out with thin wire. nathaniel. work at goodyear and recently was taught by lead mechanic how to clean carbs and fixed my motorcycle just yesterday from cleaning the carbs extensively and tuning.

Yamaha exciter 570 snowmobile starts then stalls then its flooded why?

take off the carbs and clean them out with come carb cleaner. Might be the choke cable sticking, or float bowls level is too high

Does Mercury float?

No it will not float, iron doesnt float in it. therefore it will not float.

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