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You can go to the dealer they can look it up for you.

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How do you find a code for a radio on a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta GL?

the radio code is on the back of the radio. take the radio out and you can see it.

Where do you find the wiring diagram for the stereo in a 96 VW Jetta?

Where can you find a free factory radio wiring diagram for 2003 vw jetta?

2003 Jetta Monsoon Premium Wiring Schematics: 2003 Jetta Factory Wiring Schematics: ..hope that helps you out some

How would you change the radio fuse or 1999 Volkswagen Jetta?

Ok, If i remember right. when you pull the radio out of the dash with the VW Key, The fuse should be on the back of the Radio. Hope This Helps

How do you unlock VW 2008 Jetta radio?

To unlock the radio, there are many different codes. I just put a 2008 radio in my 2006 VW Jetta. Had to call the dealer to get the code. They need your VIN from the current car and the Serial number off the radio. My code was 0185, try that.

Where can the code be found for a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta radio in safe mode?

The Code is on the Radio, or in the Spare tirewell! if it is not on the radio, remove the radio, call dealer and give them the radio serial number and your VIN number. Some Dealers like to charge for this, most do not.

Does anyone know 98 jetta radio color codes?

== Check out

Where can you locate the radio code for your Volvo 1991 740s turbo?

You can locate the radio code, for your 1991 Volvo, by consulting your owners manual. The owners manual should have all of the vehicle codes.

You have 1992 VW Jetta with Heidelberg radio how do you enter radio code?

You have 1992 VW Jetta with Heidelberg radio how do you enter radio code

How do you replace the radio antenna on a 1990 Jetta Volkswagen?

To replace the radio antenna on the 1990 Jetta you simply unscrew it (counter-clockwise) and screw the new one clock-wise. If you are replacing antenna with off the shelf product You will probably have to remove the wheel, wheel well fender protector, to have access to the bolt for the antenna

Where is the fuse box for the radio on a 2002 VW Jetta?

The fusebox for the Jetta is on the left side of the dashboard. Fuse #42 is for the radio, radio also has fuses of its own on the back of the radio itself.

Can you use a 1998 or 1997 jetta radio in a 1995 jetta?

i believe you can but just make sure the radio is the same model and the one your taking out

Radio code for 2007 Honda civic lx?

The code is specific to the radio in your car. Your new car came with the codes written on 2 tags. Look for these tags with 5 digit numbers on them. If you are unable to locate the tags, then contact the selling dealer and see if they have the codes stored in their computer system. If not they can provide the code, but the radio will have to be removed to access the Serial # off the radio.

How do you reset the radio security code on a 1995 jetta?

most car dealerships will help with unlock codes ... just call the jetta dealer and ask for service will be a 3-5 min phone conversation with you sitting in the car . as they walk you through it

Your 1998 VW Cabrio radio ac headlights windshield wipers just stopped working Anyone know why?

I just had this same problem with my 1998 VW Jetta. My parking brake light came on one day, but only half illuminated. Shortly after my windshield wipers and headlights stopped working. My radio works but the fans don't work either. I just found a thread which seems to point the problem at the ignition switch:

Where is the radio amp located in a 99 vw jetta?

The radio amp on a 99 VW Jetta is located under the driver side dash. It is in the fuse number 42 slot.

What is the best way to maintain the power to the computer and radio when you change the battery in a 2003 VW Jetta so you don't have to reset the computer and radio security codes?

Get a NOCO "Settings Keeper" from Walmart in the automotive section next to the car batteries.

How do you enter radio code for volkswagen sharan?


How to get Radio codes for 1993 jaguar?

You can get the radio codes, for your 1993 Jaguar, from most Jaguar dealerships. The radio codes can be obtained from most auto-parts stores.

Radio codes for your 1999 Volvo s80?

do you have radio codes for a 1999 volvo s80

How do you enter radio security code in 1997 volkswagen golf?

Using the radio preset buttons.

How do you locate your radio in Pokemon Silver?

goldenrod city radio dept

Radio reset cod for 2001 vw jetta?

There are very few fish you can use to reset a radio in a VW Jetta. I think flounder work well.... but cod, those work best on Cameros

What are the color codes for radio wires in a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville?

what are the color codes for a Bonneville radio

How do you decode the radio in a 1995 VW Jetta?

Take your car to the vw dealership and they will give will put the code into your radio, however they will most likely charge you $100 dollars for getting the code for you and putting it in the radio. I see about 3-4 cars a day come in for radio codes so once you get that code keep it in a safe place you might need it again. On my 1996 VW Jetta you must hold down the right seek or scan button until the display blanks out. Then you can enter the unlock code.