Where did colonist go to find better farmland?

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Why did colonists go to New York?

they wanted a new place to settle . \nbecause they wanted a new place to settle also because new york had more oppitunities

Where did the colonists of Roanoke go?

1Answer There is all different kinds of answers to that question. Some people think an Indian tribe killed them all. Some people think they tried to escape by boat. Some people think they went to live with the Indians because of some jewelry found. Nobody knows for sure what happened to them though ( Full Answer )

Why did the colonists go against the king?

The colonists went against the king because he was raising all the taxes , and made new taxes for things that don't make sense. he raised the taxes so high that the colonists just couldn't stand it and started the Revolutionary War.

How did Benjamin Franklin make the colonists lives better?

Franklin began publishing almanac's in 1733 that reviewed weather,recipes, and future predictions etc. He contributed to projectsthat would help pave, clean, and provide light to the streets ofPhiladelphia. He launched a library company, the first learnedsociety in America, the Philadelphia's Union ( Full Answer )

Why did the colonists go to war with Britain?

They thought that they were being treated unfairly because of the Tea Act, The Stamp Act, The Intolerable Acts, etc. Britain would not allow them to have independence and become there own country so there only option was to go to war.

What did colonists wear to go to church?

Colonists wore a different version of their normal clothes. Theymay have added color and saved special clothes just for church.They didn't have a lot of extra money in most cases so they lookedvery similar to what they wore in everyday life.

Why is it better for caterpillars if they are not easy to find?

Caterpillars are eaten by a wide variety of other animals,sometimes, even by other caterpillars. So, the harder it is to finda caterpillar, the better it is for them, so they can mature topupate and become a moth or butterfly.

What is Mexico's farmland?

Flatlands with good soil properties that can be used foragriculture by means of natural or artificial irrigation count for12% of the total Mexican land area, which would be some 91,393square miles, or roughly the same area of Minnesota and Connecticutput together. On a more international scale, this ( Full Answer )

Where did some colonists go to find better farmland?

Here are some choices: A)Rhode Island B)Connecticut C)Massachusetts Bay D)Plymouth I decide not to put the answer. But it is in one of those. My students tend to search the question on 'Bing' and 'Google' even if the answer is in the paragraph. A S.S teacher, Adele Brusca

Why did the struggle for rich farmland affect the colonists in Virginia?

Because with out land men could not vote, without land they had to either work for wealthy farmers or move to inland to find land. The struggle for rich farmland affected the colonists in Virginia because if you didn't own a piece of land, you lost the right to vote. Also, without the land, they wer ( Full Answer )

How can you find a better job?

\nby finishing university and maybe you can get lucky and get a better job than the won u hate

Effects of farmland from not going green?

wSoil degeneration. The chemicals in the soil are causing it to deplete itself. The answer to this is verticle farms. This way we could grow food year round and wouldn't have to use chemicals. This would not only raise the nutrition levels in the food but it would also lower the cost of food dramati ( Full Answer )

Did Plymouth Colonists find freedom of religion?

Yes, they did for themselves. They were not tolerant of other religions and saw them as the work of the devil, so setting up their own colony was probably the best thing that they could have done. They were able to live as they wanted.

Why did colonists go to America?

Religion was certainly the issue for some. Others were sent here as punishment. Their choice was banishment to America or jail. Still others came because they wanted less restrictive laws to allow them to "express" themselves.

Why did colonists go to Rhode Island?

RI was founded by Roger WIlliams. He had become unhappy in Massachusetts Bay. Did not like the control of the chuch or the way Indians were being treated. RI was the first colony to have separation of church and state and religious freedom for all. Colonists were also required to purchase land f ( Full Answer )

Were British generals or colonist generals better?

The British generals were usually better leaders, especially early in the war. There was plenty of bumbling and incompetency on both sides. Washington's actions after the successful siege of Boston - losing battle after battle on Long Island, Manhattan, etc. - showed him to be a very ineffective ( Full Answer )

Why did colonists find New York?

I think it was because Henry hutson found the hutson bay area the dutch might of wanted to explore that area.

How can you find better friends?

You don't. i no it might seem like ur friends r mean, selfish or something along thoe lines. U should talk to them and say hey, i don'tlike how ur acting towards me. but if ur really set on getting new friends just: BE YOURSELF!!

How do you find the better buy in math?

You can calculate and compare unit values, and buy at the lowest unit value. However, it often makes no sense. If someone is selling one chair at 200 (currency units) and 200 chairs for 37500, then the larger quantity costs 187.50 per chair but what would you do with 200 chairs?

When did the colonist find out they won the revolution?

The Battle of Yorktown was when America knew they had won the revolution. Cornwallis was surrounded by the American army and he sent a written surrender. After, the two armys met up for a physical surrender where the Britain army set down their weapons as a sign of surrender. It was rumored that aft ( Full Answer )

Why did the colonists leave Europe to go to Pennsylvania?

people left for a better life. the colonies had moderately low taxes (until the end of the french and Indian war), higher paying jobs and more job oppertunity, and less people which could mean more jobs, better selection, etc.

Where do you find a better question website?

'Better' is comparative. It is also subjective. Some sites answer in great depth. Others give quick and short replies. It depends on your requirements.

Why did the colonists of Jamestown go there?

Some people went for a better life, some went for money, and others tried to live a life without the law of having to follow a certain religion.

Where would you find the only farmland in Egypt?

The area around the Nile River is extremely fertile and perfect for farming. Each year when the Nile floods, the water deposits silt onto the land. Silt is similar to a fertilizer and helps plants grow.

Why is it hard to find good farmland in Mexico?

Mexico is widely believed to be an arid country,but this is not the case. It has a vast territory, where almost 12%is used for agriculture. This means 232,761 square kilometers(89,869 sq mi), which are almost the size of the whole United Kingdom , are used to grow food and cashcrops. Main crops in ( Full Answer )

Where did the Pennsylvania colonists go to school?

the pennsylvania colonists sometimes traveled even to get education some times they also could go to the nearest school. pennsylvania had one of the strongest education institutions. one of their schools grew into the university of Philadelphia. but usually they just went to the nearest school to th ( Full Answer )

Where did the colonists find tea without a tax?

The smugglers brought Dutch tea into the colonies. Since the 1730's there had been colonial smugglers providing goods that were not allowed into the colonies. Two of the biggest smugglers were Hancock and Hamilton . In fact, it was Hancock who funded the Son's of Liberty. Without him Samuel Adams wo ( Full Answer )

Who has better farmland Morocco or Algeria?

The agriculture industry in Morocco employs about 40% of thepopulation, whereas the agriculture industry in Algeria onlyemploys about 14% of the population. Morocco's climate, withfrequent rain, makes it a good place to grow food and creates goodfarmland. Algeria is much warmer and dryer, and the en ( Full Answer )