Where did colonists settle to get farming land?

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Colonial America~ Carolina,Maryland,Virgina, and so on.
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Why did the colonists settle in Delaware?

The first colony was established in order to have control over more land, to raise crops since the soil wasn't as rich in the Netherlands as it was in Delaware, and last of all since Delaware was right on the coast of the Atlantic ocean so it was very simple and easy to catch fish.

Where did the majority of new France colonists settle?

The majority of New France colonists settled along the SaintLawrence River. The establishment of New France began with thefounding of the first French permanent settlement near Quebec in1608 by Samuel de Champlain.

Why did colonists settle in Massachusetts?

The colonists were fleeing England due to religious persecution.They set sail for America and landed at what is todayMassachusetts. They originally were headed for Virginia but becausethey were blown to the north by a storm, they decided to stay.

Why did early colonists settle in South Carolina?

THE RIGHT ANSWER: In fact, Jamestown is a settlement in Virginia and not South Carolina. So this answer does not apply to you if you are looking up South Carolina. Actually the people who were going to Jamestown were lazy englishmen who didn't do anything but pan for gold and that's why so many of t ( Full Answer )

Why did the colonists settle in Jamestown Virginia?

The colonists settled in Jamestown, Virginia because they thoughtthat it might have gold and silver. Also, they moved here becauseof its abundant resources. The main crop of this was tobacco. Theywere the center of the tobacco industry. Furthermore, Jamestown wasconveniently located next to the ocea ( Full Answer )

Why did early colonists settle in Massachusetts?

Early colonists mostly settled in this particular area due toinvestments made by the Massachusetts Bay Company. The reason theysettled in America at all was most of the population was Puritanand they were escaping the Church of England.

Why did colonist settle in new jersey?

Swedish settlements began in southern New Jersey in 1638, whichtouched off a rivalry between the two powers over the fur trade TheDutch under Peter Stuyvesant successfully evicted the Swedes in1655. The entire region was claimed by England for the Duke of York(later King James II) in 1664. The name ( Full Answer )

Which Colonists that settled Georgia?

Georgia was the final colony of the original 13 to be settled. Thiscolony was settled in 1732 by General James Oglethorpe.

Why did colonists come to settle in New Spain?

The majority of New France colonists settled along the St. Lawrence River. The reason they came to settle in New Spain is because there was not a lot of room left in New France and because since there was not a lot of room they came over to New Spain.

Why did colonists settle in Maryland?

Lord Baltimore desired an American colony for Roman Catholics.Catholics immigrated to Maryland for this religious freedom. Thecolony was named after Queen Mary of the Scots.

What made the colonist settle in the new world?

Poor economic conditions in Europe, the hope and dream of land and property ownership in the New World and the possibility of accumulating wealth and status.

Where did many colonists settle in order to get land for farming?

Colonists found that many places were suitable for farming. By the 1750s, there were some farmers in Massachusetts, but the vast majority settled in the southern or Middle-Atlantic region, especially in Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Why did colonists settle near the water?

One reason would be because that is where their ship landed, and they didn't know what unknown evils may be lying in wait for them in the interior. Another big reason would be that food, in the form of fishing and digging for clams, etc., was known to exist on the shoreline, but they wouldn't neces ( Full Answer )

Why did colonists settle in back country?

because when the time of settling was great much of the land was taken so that was a perfect haven for people who want to get away from it all for any reason

Who were the majority of colonists who first settled in Plymouth?

Plymouth Colony (or Plantation), the second permanent English settlement in North America, was founded in 1620 by settlers including a group of religious dissenters commonly referred to as the Pilgrims. Though theologically very similar to the Puritans who later founded the http://www.answers.com/ ( Full Answer )

Why did the colonists settle Carolina?

for religious reasons or for jobs ANSWER: The main reason for the colony of North Carolina, was for agriculture. The main reasons for the colony of South Carolina, was for agriculture and trade.

What was unique about the first colonists to settle in Australia?

The first colonists to settle in Australia were a mixture of over 700 convicts sent from Britain, and the officers sent to oversee the new colony, under the command of Governor Arthur Phillip. There were also many marines, some of whom brought their wives and children.

Why did early colonists settle in New York?

The weather was more benign than in Massachusetts, and the Indians could be coerced into selling the entire island of Manhatten for the equivalent of $24.00.

Why did the early colonists settle in Pennsylvania?

Wiliam Penn, a wealthy Quacker, wanted freedom of religion for male christians. He bought and set up his own colony, but I'm not sure why he would choose Pensylvania, but you can tell he named it after himself..

Why did the Spanish colonists settled in America?

The Spanish came to America for gold to spread Christianity andescape religious persecution. Under the auspices of the Spanishcrown, their explorers and conquistadors came to the New World tostake out territorial claims. This was the some of the same reasonsthe English, Dutch and French explorers ca ( Full Answer )

What is settled farming?

Settled Farming is the practice of farming an area permanently where the soil is good (fertile) and the water source is reliable. This usually occurs in the Ethiopian Highlands, around Lake Victoria, where millet, coffee, corn, and cacao are grown, Along the Nile, where cotton and sugar cane are fo ( Full Answer )

Why did the early colonists settle in Plymouth?

The Pilgrims decided to leave England because of religious conflicts. They later settled in the Netherlands. Mothers had said their children were growing too much Dutch. So they left the Netherlands for Jamestown, Virginia, because other English colonists were making a living there. While on the voy ( Full Answer )

Where did the first colonists settle in America?

The first colony was the "lost colony" of Roanoke, an island off the coast of South Carolina. This colony disappeared and historians still don't know what happened. The next colony was Jamestown. Jamestown was begun in 1607 by a group of investors who sent 104 men to look for gold. They landed in an ( Full Answer )

When sediments land or settle?

They accumulate and gather up into thick layers, which with time get compacted and lithified to form sedimentary rock.

What is land farming?

A land farm is a "farm" that literally grows land or soil. It is an operation that grows clean dirt from oil contaminated dirt that can then be used as fill dirt in construction (since you would want to grow crops in previously contaminated soil). It is a practice that employs specially enhanced mic ( Full Answer )

Where did colonists from France settle in North America?

The territory of New France extended from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, west of the Appalachian Mountains. It consisted of five colonies: Canada, Acadia, Hudson Bay, Plaisance (Newfoundland) and Louisiana.

Who were the first colonist to settle in North America?

The first permanent settlement was in Jamestown, Virginia. There goal was to become rich from the gold they hoped to find in this "New World", but instead most of them ended up dyeing from malaria. Jamestown was built on a peninsula, so they could see if an attack was coming, but it was bitter-sweet ( Full Answer )

What land did Lewis and Clark settle?

Well actually, they didnt nessecarily settle on a particular land. Lewis and clark moved a lot. They traveld from Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean. So they pretty much were on a lot of different pieces of land. (:

What do colonists do when they land?

I expressed my thanks for a safe ocean voyage and kissed the ground. The original colonists may have had a national flag readied for planting.

Why is good farm land a place where people like to settle For how long have they settled in farming areas?

Good farmland is a good place to settle because you can have all the basic necessities of life that you might not otherwise have like: food, timber, and water from springs or streams. The first settlers usually settled where farmland was good because they couldn't go to Wal-mart like we can. It doe ( Full Answer )

Who originally settled the Land of Canaan?

The seven Nations of C'naan 1. Edom 2.Amorite 3.Hurrians 4.Hivite 5.Philistines (not Palestinians..) 6.Jubusite 7.Hittites All those nations formed the Hebrew Nation under one God. the firs Monotheistic nation, who was divided to 12 tribes. Today only 2 of the 12 tribes survived, Ben ( Full Answer )

Why did Greek colonists like to settle in Sicily?

Even with the constant wars between the cities, the rate ofbreeding in a pre-contraception age produced heavy populationincreases in mainland Greece. Greece had mostly poor soil, and withtheir household plots of land of about a hectare, it could not bedivided amongst several children, so the surplus ( Full Answer )