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Apartheid took place in South Africa

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Q: Where did the Apartheid take place?
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Related questions

When did Apartheid take place?

Apartheid took place from 1948 to 1994

When did Apartheid take place in South Africa?

Apartheid took place in South Africa from 1948-1990.

Where did Apartheid take place?

south Africa

Where did the South African apartheid take place?

in south africa

When did apartheid take place and how recently did it end?

in bannana land

What did the cops do to black people during apartheid if the blacks did not have their id cards?

they would shoot them or take them back to the place they had to be

Who was in charge of south Africa when the apartheid was in place?

The founding party of Apartheid was the National Party. The National Party was the ruling party up until the end of Apartheid.

What was Apartheid how long was Apartheid in place throughout South Africa?

The Apartheid was in place throughout South Africa from 1948 till 1994, so 46 years so a long time if you think about it. Hope this is a big help to you.

Where did political violence take place under apartheid?

Mostly in Soweto a township in Johannesburg (South Africa). but other major cities as well.

Who opposed apartheid and what tactics did they take?


What struggle took place in South Africa?

The struggle against the Apartheid regime known as the Anti-Apartheid Struggle which ended in 1990.

Did any good come out of apartheid in South Africa?

no, not at all. instead apartheid has made the world an even ugylier place to visit due to apartheid. black people have never hated the white people like ever before.

How did FW de klerk end apartheid?

As several riots had taken place against apartheid, and people in other nations opposed it by boycotting goods produced in South Africa, President F.W. de Klerk ended apartheid because of this.

What was the Biggest fear of Whites at the end of the Apartheid?

Their biggest fear was probably that black people would want to take revenge on them for apartheid and that there would be a lot of violence with the end of apartheid, and that the whole country would be in chaos.

How did Apartheid end?

Many people mark the end of Apartheid as those events surrounding and leading up to the release of Nelson Mandela from prison in South Africa. For more information on the end of Apartheid, the best place to begin your search would be with Mandela.

Where is Apartheid taking place?

Used to be South Africa but it is finished (on paper anyway)

Why was apartheid abolished?

Apartheid was abolished in order for the National Party to be able to negotiate a peaceful transition from White rule to Majority rule which took place in 1994. Signed Alan Yates

When did apartheid end?

The apartheid policies ended with immediate effect in 1990. In 1994, the first democratic elections took place in South Africa and Nelson Mandela was elected president of the republic.

What changes took place in South Africa after the end of apartheid?

People have has better relationships!

What system was put in place to keep the race different?

The system was known as the apartheid system.

How did Nelson Mandela take a stand against Apartheid?

he fought against them

What is the meaning of the apartheid?

Apartheid is a policy that was practiced in South Africa that forced the colored people to live apart from the whites. this policy extended itself into quality of education as well as opportunity's to lead in the work place.

What action did trade unions take against the apartheid regime?

they ended all trade.

When did apartheid in America start?

America never had apartheid. Apartheid occurred in south africa.

Where there any more places where apartheid took place?

Namibia was subject to Apartheid while it was under the administration of South Africa. What Israel currently has going on draws some similarities to Apartheid. Some people cite Rhodesia, although the policies of Rhodesia were much different from those of South Africa or British colonies which were administered from the UK.