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Where do bison come from?



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Bison originated in Eurasia. The bison is one of the few members of the bovine family to have crossed the Bering Strait land bridge in prehistoric times to North America, where now there are only two species to survive in North America. The plains bison and the wood bison. There is a species, the wisent, in Europe but that unfortunately is almost extinct and primarily survive in parks and zoos there. There were as many as 60 million bison that lived on the Great Plains from Mexico into Canada and some were found east of the Mississippi River. They were the central existence of the Plains Indians, who used every part of animal, nothing went to waste. From 1830 to 1889,methodical destruction by encroaching white settlers, for sport and hide only, reduced that number to less than 1,000, horrible. Today, about 30,000 bison live in protected areas and on ranches. These are some sad statistics that are far to common for animals that were here before we were. Join a local conservation group and spread the word so we can keep what little beauty there is left on this planet. Thanks