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Where does the saying freedom of speech come from?

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The phrase "freedom of speech" does not belong to any one country of peopla. The right to freedom of speech is recognized as a human right under Aprticle 19 of the Universal Declaration of Humna Rights.

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When did America get freedom of speech?

we got the freedom of speech because the constution was wrote saying all the women and men had the right to speak their mind.

Why freedoms are important?

Because it allows you many things, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, etc. If you didn't have freedom of speech, you might be killed for saying what you think is correct. Same with freedom of religion and freedom of press

Where did the freedom of speech come from?

The Bill of Rights.

Where does the term freedom of speech come from?

abraham lincoln

Where does the freedom speech come from?

the constitution; the Bill of Rights

What three words does freedom of speech come from?

Bill of Rights

Where does freedom of speech come from answer is three words?

Bill of rights

Where does fredom of speech come from?

freedom of speech means to have the right to speak your opinion without question.

How do freedom of religion and freedom of speech come into conflict with American Society?

Chuck Norris can solve the conflict!

Where does the freedom of speech come from?

AnswerCame from the 1st amendment in the Constituion or The Bill of Rightsanswer from: Bianca from Valdosta,GAWe have the freedom of speech to speak o the truth and only the truth. Yes it does come from the first amendment, but what is the main reason for it. Just let me say that this freedom is a great freedom.

Does japan have freedom of speech?

Yes Japan has freedom of speech. Japan provides for the freedom of speech in its Constitution as well as freedom of press.

Does Greece have freedom of speech?

does Greece have freedom of speech?

Do Germans have freedom of speech?

Yes they do have freedom of speech.

What is Freedom of speech in the work place?

Freedom Of Speech is an Ammendment

Is there a difference between the freedom of speech and freedom of speech?

no its the same.

What states have no freedom of speech?

What state don't have freedom of speech

What is freedom of speech freedom of speech?

Freedom of speech is the right given to American citizens which allows them to speak freely of their mind.

What is meant by freedom of speech?

Freedom of speech means that a government or a government body has no, or only a very limited, ability to stop people from thinking, saying, orating, publishing, writing, drawing, or disseminating their opinions, beliefs, and ideas.

What amendment has to do with freedom of speech?

The 1st Amendment deals with the freedom of speech.

Do teens have freedom of speech?

Yes if they are a U.S. citizen they have freedom of speech

Why do people like freedom of speech?

People like freedom of speech because it allows people to speak their mind, and not get in trouble for saying what they believe in. It is an important thing to have in a society, and something that makes the United States more of a free country.

What is the regulation on freedom of speech?

There is no "regulations " on freedom of speech. It is part of the Bill of Rights and something like yelling "fire" in a theater is NOT freedom of speech.

What writer fought for tolerance reason freedom of religious belief and freedom of speech?

who fought for freedom of speech?

What is democracy and freedom?

You have freedom as well as freedom of speech.

Who came up with freedom of speech?

john locke created freedom of speech

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