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It is located inside the ECU and its small and soldered to the circuit board.

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Q: Where is the Barometric pressure sensor located at how does it look like for a 93 integra LS?
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What is barometric pressure sensor?

A barometric pressure sensor is a type of sensor located within an engine system. It helps retain proper fuel mixtures at different altitude using barometric pressure measurements.

Where is the barometric pressure sensor on a 92 eclipse?

The MAP sensor is located on intake manifold.

What is the location of barometric sensor in ford F150?

The barometric pressure sensor is located on the left side by the carborater, it has 2 vacume lines and a electric connetion.

Where is the Barometric pressure sensor for ford f 150 located?

It is integrated into the PCM (ECU).

How do you fix an ecu error code 13 on your 90 integra ls?

It is the error for the barometric pressure switch and it is located inside the ECU requiring the ECU to be replaced. Most of the time it is a bad MAP sensor that is causing this issue.

Where is the crankshaft sensor located in a 1992 integra?


WHAT IS code p0108 on a 97 buick lesabre?

Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Sensor

Where is the speed sensor on a 94 integra?

speed sensor is located next to the throttle body

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1995 Acura Integra?

on the header

Where is the speed sensor located for a 1989 integra?

The speed sensor on a 1989 Acura Integra is located on the transmission. It is a small unit with a two-wire clip which connects to the main engine harness of the vehicle.

What is code 22 on a 1989 ford mustang gt 302?

Manifold Air Pressure or Barometric Pressure sensor is out of range

Where is the iat sensor located on a 2003 Ford Mondeo 2.0 zetec?

The 2003 Mondeo does not have a IAT Sensor is has a Temperature and Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (TMAP) The TMAP sensor fits directly into the inlet manifold and accurately measures the vacuum from the engine. The TMAP sensor consists of a temperature sensor and a pressure transducer and therefore replaces the IAT and the MAP sensors. The TMAP sensor provides the powertrain control module with information relating to inlet manifold vacuum and barometric pressure along with the temperature of the air in the inlet manifold. With the ignition on but without the engine running the sensor reads barometric pressure and when the engine is running, the sensor reads inlet manifold vacuum.

What to fix on a Chrysler Sebring if the barometric pressure is out of range?

It usually means the map sensor has failed.

Where is a egr pressure sensor located on a 1999 Malibu?

Where is located pressure sensor on Chevy Malibu 1999

Need help in locating IAT sensor on a 91 integra ls 2dr?

The IAT sensor, or intake air temperature sensor, is located on the tubing the of intake on a 1991 Acura Integra. This sensor reports the temperature of air coming into the engine directly to the ECU.

Where Is Crank sensor located on 1995 Acura Integra?

inside the distributor inside the distributor

Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor located on 2000 ford f150?

fuel pressure sensor is located on the tank

Where is the oil temperature sensor located on a 1991 acura integra?

it is located on the firewall side of the engine to the left of the oil filter

Where is the location of the barometric pressure sensor on a 1992 Eagle Summit 1.5 l engine?

The BPS is built into the airflow sensor on the air filter housing lid.

Where is fuel rail pressure sensor located on 2004 Ford Freestar?

The fuel pressure sensor is located on the fuel rail attached to the fuel pressure regulator.

Where is the sensor on a Corvette?

What type of sensor? The tire pressure sensor is located in the wheel.

Where is a oil pressure sensor located on a Nissan Frontier?

where is the oil pressure sensor located on a 2005 frontier 4 liter v6 thanks

Where is the IAT sensor located at for a 1990 Acura Integra ls?

The sensor is located on the intake manifold or air plenum. It is removed and installed in straightforward fashion; disconnect the wiring connector and remove the mounting screws. Remove the sensor.

Where is the oil level-pressure sensor located on 2000 Z3 2.3L roadster?

The oil level pressure sensor is located on the front of the engine. The oil pressure sensor is just above where the oil pan bolts to the engine.

Where is the oil temperature sensor located on the 91 Acura Legend?

The 1991 Acura Legend does not have an oil temperature sensor. It does have an oil pressure sensor. The oil pressure sensor will be located on the left-hand side of the engine.

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