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Where is the color code located on a 1997 ford f150?

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βˆ™ 2008-06-24 15:54:12

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usually on the inside of the door when u open it. check all around that area. it should have a sticker with all the codes for each paint

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βˆ™ 2008-06-24 15:54:12
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Where is the airbag module located on a 1997 Ford f150?

The airbag module for the 1997 Ford F150 is located in the passenger side kick panel below the dash. It is silver and black in coloring.

Where is the throttle position sensor on 1997 f150 4.6l?

The 1997 Ford F150 4.6 liter engine throttle position sensor is located on the top of the transmission. The sensor will be connected to the fuel injection rail.

Where is the starter solenoid on a 1997 Ford F150?

It is located in the engine compartment on the passengers side firewall. the solenoid is located under the hood

What is OBD code P0708 in a 1997 Ford F150 mean?

Trouble code P0708 means:Transmission range sensor circuit high input

Where is the tps located on an 01 f150?

where is the tps located on a 1994 f150

Is the 1997 f150 transmission is the same as the 1999 5.4 expedition?

Is the 1997 F150 Transmission is the same as the 1999 Expedition

Where is the oil sending unit located on a 1997 Ford F150 4.2 liter?

Front drivers side of engine.

Where is the gem module located on a 1997 ford F150?

Drivers side under the dash...above the fuse box

2005 f150 key pad code located?

it should be located in your owners manul if not it tells you in your owners manul how to make a pass word.

What engine is a vin code 6 on a 1997 f150?

That's the " Windsor " 4.6 liter V8 ( engine VIN code " 6 " in a 1997 Ford F-150 ) It seems backwards to me because the " Romeo " engine has engine VIN code " W "

Where is the blower motor resistor in a 1997 Ford F150?

It's located inside the on the passenger side under the glove compartment. Also the blower motor is the same type for all F150 from 1997 to 2003. Allen Bouvier, Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories, Canada.

On a 1997 F150 what would cause the airbag light to go on along with a code buzz and then eventually a load long ringing noise?

The computer

What is a C1342 code?

how to fix a c1342 code on a ford f150

On a 2007 F-150 what does axle code 26 mean?

I'm not sure if this is the same on a 2007 , but axle code 26 for 1997 to 2004 F150 trucks is a 3.73 conventional axle

Fuel pressure pump f150 v6 4.2l?

1997 ford f150 fuel pressure specs

Will 1997 ford f150 doors fit on 2001 expedition?

No, a 1997 Ford F150 doors will not fit on a 2001 Expedition. You will need to get a door that is made specifically for the Expedition.

Axle ratio code on 2004 f150 is 27?

No, I have a 3.55 in mine, I think there is one lower than that, and then a 3.73, and then a 4.10. What the hell is a 27? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- " OILMAN " had submitted a list of axle codes for the 1997 - 2004 F150 / F250 and the list shows axle code 27 as being a 3.31 conventional differential

Where is the blend door actuator on your 1997 F150?

How do I locate the heater blend door actuator in a Ford f150 pickup

Where is the egr valve located on a 1979 f150 with a 302?

The EGR valve on a 1979 F150 with a 302 is located in the center of the engine. It is close to the firewall.

Where is the obdII connection on a 1997 F150?

Under the dashboard driver's side near steering column. If not readily visible, it will be located behind a small removable panel.

How do you fix a backdoor on a 1997 F-150?

you dont, there is no back door on a 1997 F150.

What is the rear axle code on a 2001 ford f150?

I believe you can find the axle code on one of the stickers on the end of the drivers door - then the code is used to find out what differential gearing your F150 has

Where is the fuel pump in a 1997 f150.?

Inside the fuel tank

1997 F150 where is headlight relay location?

Under the hood.

Where is this located on the 2003 f150?

where is the crankshaft position sensor a bank 1 circuit malfunction on a 2003 f150 at