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Where is the crank shaft sensor located on a 1997 Buick Riviera?

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2011-01-26 04:21:51

it is to the right side of the crank shaft pulley it will have a

connector to it held on by two bolts. you have to pull the crank

pulley first. use a three hole puller, called a chicken foot,

because it looks like a chicken foot. there will be little holes in

the face of the pulley. the bolts needed will be 6mm about 4in

long. the pulley will come off, remove the plastic piece covering

the sensor and replace. do not pry on the pulley, it is easy to

bend the teeth behind it, and it must be able to pass through the

ridges on the new sensor. make sure it is the crank sensor you need

to change before doing all this and not the cam shaft sensor, just

above the crank sensor, they will both give the same problem. No

spark. good luck.

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