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Where is the fuel shut off switch located on a 1993 Buick Regal?


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Only Ford products have a fuel shut-off switch. GM never used them. 1992 Buick Regal Owner


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The ignition fuses for the 1993 1993 Buick Regal 3800 is located on the car's dashboard.

On a 1993 Buick Regal 3.1L, the PCV valve is located on the intake manifold. It is situated underneath the MAP sensor.

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what dose the neutral safety switch look like and were is it located on a 1993 buick lesabra at

The fuel pump on a 1993 Buick Regal is located inside the fuel tank. It pulls fuel from inside the tank and pumps it toward the vehicle's engine.

Try in the trunk. Some cars had a fuel switch located in the trunk. THERE'S NO FUEL PUMP RESET ON GM CARS !!!!

In a 1993 Buick Regal : Both the 3.1 and 3.8 litre V6 engines have a timing CHAIN

Probably under the glove box or on the inside right firewall.

I believe yours has a starter mounted solenoid and not a relay.

I believe that the switch is located in the ignition cylinder (which you can get from any auto parts store). Unfortunately you'll need a steering wheel puller and a tilt removal mechanism before you can start with that.

Replace ignition switch for 1993 buick century?

On a 1993 buick regal it is on the passager side of the radiator. Hope this helps

The firing order for a 1993 Buick Regal is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The number one cylinder is at the back left.

Start with the area of the Regal's problem. For example, if a light does not work, check the fuses, then the switch, the wires, etc.. The same procedure applies to any section of the Regal.

Answering "http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_replace_battery_on_1993_buick_regal"

under dash at back of steering column.

could be the crank sensor, the go out. the have a reputation for that.

It should be located near the oil filter witch is under the power stearing pump. On the passenger side at the back of the engine. If the pressure switch is broken, you sould see your oil light on and have a trouble code on your computer, if you have a pressure indicator in the dash, it would indicate way to high pressure.

The fuse box layout can be found under the cover of a 1993 Buick Regal. There will be a stick underneath the fuse box labeling each fuse and their primary function.

The Fuses 5 23, and 30 are under the hood fuse box in a 1993 Buick regal limited with a 3800 while the ignition fuse is at left side of the fuse box

Dexron III. Any auto store could tell you for sure.

Do you mean the main switch by the driver or the switch on the door itself?

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