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Throwout bearings are permanently lubricated and as such do not have a grease fitting. If the bearing grinds when you press the clutch your throwout bearing is trashed. Since it only makes noise when your clutch is rattling around, it's just an annoyance. If it gets to the point where it makes noise when you press the clutch you need a clutch job.

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Q: Where is the grease jerk for the throw out bearing on a 91 s 10 2 point 5 you have to slightly put your foot on the clutch to get it to stop squeaking?
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Is there a difference between suspension grease and bearing grease?

There is a difference in the two. Suspension grease will be thinner and the bearing grease would be much thicker in density .

What causes clutch chatter?

grease or oil on the clutch facing

What are the symptoms of a bad clutch in a 2003 Chevy cavalier?

If its slipping you will smell it. If it shutters you probably have grease spots on your fly wheel. Grinding noise may mean you need a new pilot bearing(throughout bearing).

Why is there an inch between the throw out bearing and clutch and wont go in gear after replacing clutch on a 2004 mustang?

I'm going to bet that you didn't line up the plate with a dummy shaft and the pilot shaft is hitting the pilot bearing. That would keep the bell housing from bolting up to the engine and give you about an inch of gap. If you used the old trick of popping the pilot bearing with grease and a drift, and you left the grease in the pilot bearing hole, that would prevent the pilot shaft from seating deep enough.

How do you pack a wheel bearing?

If you uave a can of grease,you can put the bearing down in that and work it around in the grease.Then make sure there is enough grease in the hub,where the bearing came out of.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1995 Suzuki sidekick It slips bad?

If the clutch adjustment is correct, so that the clutch takes halfway through its travel, then it's time for a new clutch pressure plate/clutch plate/throwout bearing combo. One other reason might be grease on the existing clutch plate due to sloppy mechanic assembly.Or a combination of the two. New clutch time!

Does 1987 Comanche jeep truck use clutch grease?

I don't know what you mean by clutch grease, but the clutch master cylinder uses dot 3 brake fluid as a hydraulic.

Why is my Car making squeeking noise when you depress the clutch?

The clutch pedal pivots on a rod (under dash connected to pedal). There are plastic bushings that it moves against, they may be worn or need to be greased (wheel bearing grease works). Make sure you assemble parts (after coating grease) the EXACT opposite way you disassembled them.

Does a 1998 S10 have grease fitting fr throw out bearing?

No, no grease fitting.

How do you grease a front wheel hub?

The hub bearing needs to be properly lubricated. Having access to a grease gun helps. Use the grease gun and place some grease in the bearing. These will help keep it lubricated and functional.

What is the best grease to use for the rail that guides the roller when repairing an automatic window?

lithium grease or bearing grease

How do you remove the clutch pilot bearing on a 1993 Toyota 4WD with 3.0 V6 engine?

Pack it with heavy grease then find a bolt or dowel that fits the hole exactly and whack the dowl with a hammer. The hydraulic pressure will force out the bearing. Yer welcome.

Have a 2000 Honda crv the clutch pedal squeaks when engaging didnt do this tilli put tranny in neutral now you havw squeaking when pedal goes in?

AnswerNot hearing your noise is a slight handicap for me, but my initial guess is that there is damage to the clutch release fork and/or release bearing. It is easier to tell when listened to, you may want a professional to take a listen. For help in finding a good tech, see the links on my bio page, or the related link I have added.ANSWERaplly some good grease on the slave cylinder-end steel ball,contact pointAnswerGENUINE HONDA PRO MOLY 60 PASTE CHECK THIS OUT THE,ITS MOLY GREASE PASTE THE GREASE WILL NOT MOVE AND DISSAPPEAR,ITS AMAZING

Can you grease the front bearing on a 2000 alero?

You can if you take the bearing completely apart. There is no nipple

When to lubricate a bearing?

when installing them always pack the bearings with grease, if the bearing has been run without grease and making a roaring sound it is probably bad and needs replaced

Do you put grease on a wheel hub bearing on a 1998 Chevy blazer?

No. That is a factory sealed bearing.

Why is my universal joint squeaking?

Because it needs grease. If it squeaks or clicks or makes noise it needs replacing. OEM ones may not have a grease fitting, replacements normally do.

How do you take off throw out bearing on a 1994 Hyundai excel manual transmission?

You must separate transmission from engine. Then the throw out bearing is located on a fork by where tranny attaches to engine. Remove bearing, pack grease into new one, install in reverse order of removing old bearing. You might as well change clutch and pressure plate. Install tranny to engine.

Is thear a grease nipple on clutch on 1969 vw bug?


What is a bearing seal?

It is a synthetic rubber gasket that prevents the bearing from losing its grease or being contaminated with dirt

How do you know when to stop greasing a bearing?

u know when you have greased a bearing when grease starts puffing out. as far as do you ever stop greasing a bearing not as long as the bearing is still in service

How do you repair squeaking door noise?

Lubricate the door hinges & door stop with a good spray white lithium grease.

2000 Dodge Stratus and hear squeaking when you turn the steering wheel Are there any grease fittings in the front end?


Is there anything to align when replacing a clutch in a 98 Frontier 2wd or is it straight forward?

there is a tool that aligns the clutch disc with the pilot bushing to center it so that the input shaft will line up with the splines in the disc and pilot bushing. These are usually included with the kit which should include the tool, disc pressure plate, pilot bushing, throwout bearing, maybe spline grease. Also, lube the end of input shaft (go easy on the grease) and throwout bearing ball pivot and throwout bearing sleeve(what it rides on). Also when installing new bushing, don't use a punch to install or you will pean over edges and play hell getting input shaft in (use driver tool). Don't get any grease on the disc. Have flywheel resurfaced.

How do you grease trailer wheels?

On a light trailer or small boat trailer you remove the bearing cap, pack it with grease and re-fit it.