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Where is the modulator valve for the 4 speed automatic transmission on a 1998 Pontiac Gran Prix?


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2015-07-17 17:40:51
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I'm not sure on the 1998 but on my 1996, the modulator valve was difficult for me to find as well. What I eventually figured out was that it is under the hood and can be seen after you remove the air filter box. It sits on the very front of the housing that bolts to the back of the motor pretty much under the air filter box. The valve is round and has a vacuum line running to the intake manifold so you should also be able to follow that vacuum line. The vacuum line attaches to the intake somewhere around the middle and on the front side of the engine or the left bank of cylinders. I , but if not, please email me directly at and maybe we can figure it out together.



you don't have a modulator the tranny is fully electic no vucuum control



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