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Where is the oxygen sensor located on a Jeep Cherokee?


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2006-12-02 19:08:48
2006-12-02 19:08:48

You really have two of them. The first one is leading from the headers into the exhaust pipe. Get below you Jeep and start looking in the general area under the driver's door. You should see a sensor sticking into the pipe with a wire at the end. I just got under the 92 I own and see the 4 wires going to an insert, screwed into the exhaust pipe just after the two parts of the exhaust maniofold join.


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whee is the coolant sensor location in a 1999 Cherokee classic] i believe its located somewhere on the exhaust

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The coolant temperature sensor on a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee is located on the T-stat. It is on the passenger side of the Jeep.

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A 1988 Jeep Cherokee has one oxygen sensor.

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Need a special socket. They are located in the exaust manifold(s).

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