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Where is the starter located on a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird?


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2011-09-24 02:39:31
2011-09-24 02:39:31

it is on the rear of the engine between the engine and transmission. it is impossible to change.

AnswerNot true. It is very easy to replace and is at the front of the engine, just under the front of the car and right at the bottom of the engine next to the oil filter. Two bolts, a shim and two wires. It's a snap, did it in about 40 min. total and that includes washing my hands. Only problem is the oil filter is kinda in the way, might have to remove although I just barely squeezed the old one out and new one in. Wait till an oil change if you can, makes this job much easier.

you do realize they want to know about a stater replacement on a pontiac sunfire right? it is not in front it is not by the oil filter, i just took mine off to pull the motor to fix the rear main seal and it is in the back on the drivers side and a bear to get off, it has 3 bolts holding it on one is a stud the others are bolts, the easest way to do in my opion is to take the altenator, power steering pump off then you'll be able to get to it, it has 2 wires one small to the front of the motor, and then the big one that holds the batter cable and about 3 other wires, then pull it out towards you. it a real pain, the book says to do it from under the car but unless you have a lift or pit and it still would be a real pain then do it as i have described, this is on the 2.0 multi port but the book says its the same on all of them, i'v been doing this kind of work for 40 yeras now and it's the safest and easest way, take pictures of what it looks like before you start taking any thing off this way you can down load them and see exactly how it goes back together, if you have anymore questions you can email me at butch


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The 1992 V-6 Pontiac Sunbird radiator drain plug, is located on the bottom of the radiator. The drain plug can be removed with a 5/8 socket.

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One of them is behind the instrument cluster and the other is on the side of the transmission. Ray

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The horn is located on the driver side of the engine, real close to the battery. No. It's on the passenger side next to the rad.

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located under rear end of car looks like a can located near left rear tire

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