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Many of todays vehicles do not have drain plugs. You have to remove the pan to change the filter and fluid.

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Q: Where is the transmission drain plug on a 1982 ford Full size bronco?
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What transmission came in 1988 full size ford bronco with a 351 w motor?

I believe that is a version of the C6 - 3 speed automatic transmission

How do you identify auto trans 89 bronco full size?

Dealership can tell you. There's a good chance you have the C6 transmission.

Where is the transmission drain plug for a 1995 Chevy pick up V6?

Chevy did not use a transmission drain plug on that year. You MUST remove the Big medal pan, The one that has all the small bolts holding it to the bottom of the transmission. It will be full of fluid... Be sure to have a LARGE drain pan.

Why is the transmission fluid level 4 inches above the full mark when you check it?

Because it is over full. You should drain some.

Where do you add transmission fluid Gear oil to your manual transmission 1993 Nissan 240sx?

Take out the shifter and pour it directly into the transmission through that opening. Make sure to take the drain plug off to know when it is full. Once fluid starts coming out of the drain hole, you will know it is full. The drain plug is located underneath the transmission, on the driver's side. The bolt has a square shaped head. Good luck.

What automatic transmission came in a 1988 Ford Bronco full-size XLT w a 302 V8?

most likely a c6 3spd

Is a bronco ii frame the same as a 72 bronco?

No , the 1972 Ford Bronco is a full size vehicle

What is the best 2008 Suv to replace a full sized Ford Bronco?

my 86 full size bronco haha

Is a bronco 1 or 2 bigger?

There is the FULL SIZE BRONCO and then the Bronco II ( the Bronco II is smaller , eventually replaced by the Ford Explorer)

Is a transmission of a ford bronco compatible to a 1985 Ford Ranger 4x4?

If you are speaking of the full-size Bronco, then no. The automatic in the Bronco was either the E6, AOD, or E4OD, none of which were utilized by the 1985 Ranger. The Ranger used a few different types of Mazda and Mitsubishi transmissions in 1985.

How do you change transmission fluid in Chevy Trailblazer?

The transmission fluid on a Chevy Trailblazer is changed by placing a drain pan under the vehicle, removing the drain plug, and allowing it to empty. The drain plug is then re-installed and fluid added through the filler tube until full.

Will the transmission from a 1987 Ford Ranger 4x4 fit in a 1987 ford bronco both are Mitsubishi 12 bolt tin pan?

yes,if both are 2.9 motors,both are 4wd, and you are talking about the bronco2,not the full size bronco

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