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Where is the transmission filter on a Honda civic ex coupe 2002?


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I just did it last weekend on an automatic. If you have a manual trans, it will be different. Honda recommends doing a drain and fill (No power flushes) which will require about 3 quarts of fluid. I bought mine at the dealer for around 7 bucks a quart.

Things you'll need

1) Jack and jack stands

2) Drain pan

3) Long funnel ( I fashioned one with rubber hose and a regular funnel)

4) 3 quarts of Honda Transmission Fluid (about $21)

5) 3/8" Socket Wrench

6) Replacement crush washer (about $2)


1) Warm up the car by driving around for 5 or 10 minutes.

2) Jack up front of car.

3) Locate drain plug (it's close to the passenger front wheel). The bolt is actually a 3/8 inch square fitting. You should be able to loosen it with a ratchet wrench only (No socket attached).

4) Loosen and remove the drain plug.

5) Let transmission fluid drain into pan. I brought mine down to level and let the remainder drain out just in case and then jacked it back up.

6) Clean the metal shavings off the magnetic end of the drain bolt.

7) Replace drain bolt using new crush washer.

8) Torque the bolt to 36 ft/lbs.

9) Lower down front end.

10) Fill the transmission back up with 2.0 quarts or so first and check the level with the dipstick. Fill up to top of fill zone (check periodically while topping off).

11) Go drink a beer, you're done!