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The turn signal flaher unit is attached to the steering column just above the brake pedal. You have to remove 2 plastic shields with Phillips head screw driver in order to expose. It will be held with a clip and you will have to lay your head on floor and look up to see it. The emergency flasher unit is located in glove box (dash mount) and you have to revove tray insdie glove box to get at it and fuses. No tools required just lift out the tray. Hope this helps.

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Q: Where is the turn signal flasher unit on a 1993 cutlass supreme thanks?
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Where is the turn signal flasher in a 96 Montero I was able to find the emergency flaher but not the turn signal one. Thanks?

The turn signal flasher relay switch and the emergency flasher relay switch are the same switch. The relay switch might be labeled as the emergency flasher switch, but it is also the signal flasher relay switch.

Why would a bad flasher not go off when making a turn it just stays blinking thanks for any help?

Replace the Flasher Relay. If that does not correct the problem, then the turn signal lever is defective.

How do you remove headrests on a Oldsmobile Cutlass?

sad to say.but i do not know either... i have a 1994 cutlass supreme sl and am looking for the same answer. if you hapen to find the answer. i would appreciate it if you would contact me at thanks

Where is the turn signal relay located?

is the flasher and the turn signal relay the same on a 1996 honda accord it not were is the turn signal relay located. thanks Yes they are the same. The flasher is the turn signal relay and it is located on the drivers side, under the dash, above the fuse block, mounted on the kick panel. Buy a new one so you will know what you are looking for.

How do you replace the air bags on a 1998 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme and how do you remove air bags from a cutlass at the junk yard to replace your blown airbags thanks?

Best left to a pro unless you want to decapitate yourself.

Some one help find the ignition wire diagram for a 1985 cutlass supreme 2 door thanks a lots?

The ignition wire diagram for a 1985 Cutlass Supreme 2-door, can be found in a Chilton's Automotive Repair Manual. This manual can be purchased at many automotive parts stores, or found in some libraries.

Where is the flasher on a 1994 Honda Accord EX?

If you mean the button to make the emergency flashers turn on, then the answer is on the dash above the radio to the left. It should be a button marked with a red triangle. I think they were asking where the turn signal relay is..... The flasher button is quite obvious. I'm trying to find the turn signal relay on mine also. Anyone know where it is? Thanks!

How do you change the flasher in a 1991 Buick Riviera?

Can you explain this a little more, please? The 4-way flasher? thanks

Cannot locate the fuse for the gauge cluster on 1989 Oldsmobile trofeo pleas help me by telling me where its located.. thanks?

cutlass supreme,is under glove box,lift up the front and pull up.

Can you show you where the flasher fuse goes on a 1992 Dodge Dynasty can't find it Thanks?

See the answer to the flasher question below. I believe it's a circuit breaker and on the same block as the flasher.

Car is to traffic light as train is to?

Railway signal

What is the firing order on 1993 Olds Cutlass Ciera?

The firing order for a 93 Oldsmobile - Cutlass Ciera S is................ 123. 456 going upwards...that what it is on mine. thanks Dee

Where is the flasher on a 1995 Buick Skylark?

The signal flasher is behind the dashboard, to the left of the steering wheel. You have to take the screws out of the black panel covering the bottom of the dash and then reach way up behind the fuse box to get a hold of it. Basically you have to do this blind. If you can reach it, pull it out of its clamp and it's easy to replace from there. Thank you very much...More help then Buick was. They sure don't want you to get to that very easy do they? By the way, it wasn't the flasher. But thanks.

What would cause a right signal light not to work on the front and rear even in the hazard mode?

Hey Greg==Ther e can be a coulple of causes. one, the turn signal switch or the lights don't have a good ground. Check it out. GoodluckJoe Thank you for the reply Joe. I pulled the flasher relay apart and the Mazda has two relays and a circuit board inside. Both relays appeared to work fine, but no right side signal lights. I squeezed the circuit board together and ...voila,signals. I am thinking it is a crack in the circuit board of the flasher. Even though the flasher is $80.00 Canadian, at least it isn't the wiring. Thanks Again Greg

Where is the flasher relay on a Toyota Starlet?

where is the indicator relay on a toyota starlet model ep91 98 thanks

How do you replace the multifunction turn signal stalk on a 95 corvette Thanks.?

== ==

99 Olds Intrigue right turn signal not working on front back or inside but works when four ways are turned on Is this the flasher Please Help Thanks Doug?

Possibly, as the hazard and turn signals are on different circuits, but there is only one turn signal flasher. A bad bulb can also cause the flasher to not work, but that won't explain the hazard working fine. It could also be the turn switch in the steering column. I'd check all the bulbs and fuses/flashers first. The owners manual has nice charts Pg 6-65 through 6-69. Pulling open the steering column is lots of work.

Is Archie signal celled or multi celled?

it is singal celled if you think about it hard thanks

Where the turn signal flasher is located on a 1987 Chevrolet celebrity you have literally ripped out the ashtray and still can't locate it thanks?

Reach around above the ash tray frame. It was loose and attached to wires in mine. Not clipped to anything. I pulled the wire and flasher out through the ashtray and unclipped the old and put in a new. Try driver's side under dash secured by a clip or in or near fuse block around steering column

Where is the wiper motor relay on a 92 323 astina?

It is under the dashboard, I know this, but which relay, in relation to the flasher relay, is it? I have a bad hip and don't want to be under there with a multimeter for an hour... Thanks in advance. It is under the dashboard, I know this, but which relay, in relation to the flasher relay, is it? I have a bad hip and don't want to be under there with a multimeter for an hour... Thanks in advance.

Where are the fuses for the turn signal lights?

I would like to remove the fuse for my turn signal lights in my 2002 mercr mountieer. Where is the chart located? I misplaced the manual. Thanks, 2002redtruck

Where is the flasher unit on a 95 town car The brake lights turn signals hazard lights do not work at all I replaced fuses and bulbs Thanks for your help?

The flasher unit is placed in back of the fuse panel. Look towards the left side for its exact position.

You need to change the flasher on a 1962 Cadillac SDV and can not find it does any one know where it is you have look high and low underneath the dash and still cann ot find it thanks?

on my 66 calais cadillac the flasher is attached to a cover that is below the steering column and dash. it covers the bottom of the steering column and the wires that thread up towards the turn signal and steering wheel.two bolts and a funny looking screw on the underside near the neck of the steering column hold it in place .

Why would both your turn signals light up when you put your 2000 gmc in gear and accelerate?

Check for bad ground wire I would suspect a short in the turn signal switch; there is so much power running near the switch in the column.( think cruise,hazards, turn signals, horn,ignition, high beams) The last two weird turn signal problems I had ( Honda passport SUV, Olds cutlass supreme) turned out to be shorts/worn spots in the turn signal switch assembly. Neither were hard to do and fixed the problem. thanks for input. Ive check for bad connections with no luck. When I turn the headlights on and pull the back turn signals out of the socket you can see a very small bit of current trying to light the bulb. Any help out there would be appreciated.

How do you get a signal on a cellphone that keeps on getting no signal everywhere you go?

Probably should talk to your cell provider. Could be a hardware issue with the phone, or a back end issue with the provider no longer recognizing your ESN, etc. thanks for the answer =)