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Where to ground negative battery cable on 1990 Lincoln mark 7?


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Ground it to the vehicle frame or engine.

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Depends on the vehicle, but normally it bolts to the engine. The negative is the ground cable.

Always disconnect the negative battery cable first even if you are changing the positive cable and reconnect the negative cable last. This is to prevent accidental shorts to ground.

Red cable to positive, black cable to negative.

The battery cable that is grounded, is connected to the body of the vehicle. Sometimes it is the negative cable & sometimes it is the positive. You need to check which cable is connected to the body of the vehicle.

The ground strap is the battery cable that connects from the negative battery post to ground, usually the chassis.

It runs from the negative battery post to the frame, block, and body.

No, that cable is connected to ground, so it cannot short out.

The negative battery lead cable is to be connected to the negative lead terminal on the battery.

The negative cable is attached to ground. On some cars is attached to the frame and on some it is attached to the engine.

Chassis Ground is your entire vehicle metal structure. The negative side of all electronic components and controls (radio, ignition, lights, etc.) are connected to this structure (frame). The Battery has a black and red cable. The black cable (negative lead or cable) is bolted to this structure creating the Ground. This is called a Negative Ground System. The positive (red cable from battery) is the supply voltage to all these components. The Ground (black and Chassis of the vehicle) is how the voltage returns to the battery.

Negative battery cable - a solid metal part of the engine

Typically, you just disconnect it, unbolt any retaining bolts, and pull it out. Always disconnect the negative cable first when removing a battery and reconnect the negative cable last when installing a battery. The pertains to a negative ground system only.

The (Red) positive post is larger than the (Black) negative post and on almost every battery I have even see the + & - are embossed on the battery. The red, positive battery cable will go from the battery to the starter. The black, negative cable will connect to ground.

I doubt it but I am not 100% sure. It is unlikely in 1983 BMW was using a positive ground system. You can easily find out. Trace the negative battery cable and see where it goes. It is is attached to ground then it is a negative ground system.

Red is positive. If they are both black then the cable that is connected to ground is negative and the other cable is positive.

My negative battery cable on my 1987 BMW 325is is in the trunk.

You connect the negative cable last and connect it to ground rather than to the negative post of the battery because there may be a small spark when you make the connection. Batteries can emit a slight amount of highly explosive hydrogen gas. That spark on the negative post can cause these fumes to ignite and explode. That is why you always connect the negative cable last and always connect it to ground and not to the battery itself as a safety measure.

Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Now disconnect the other end from its ground point. Take that cable to you local auto parts store and buy a replacement. Reverse the procedure to install it.

Following the cables into the engine compartment. The positive cable will run to the alternator or the starter. The negative cable will just connect to a ground source (engine block, frame, etc.)

Normally the black battery cable is negative.

Remove the ground or negative cable first when disconnecting your car battery.

Hook up the jumper cables in this order: (1,2,3,4) (1) One end of positive cable to positive post of GOOD battery (2) Opposite end of positive cable to positive post of DEAD/LOW battery of disabled vehicle (3) One end of negative cable to negative post of GOOD battery (4) Opposite end of negative cable to GROUND on disabled vehicle (a good ground is preferred over the negative post, however, the cable can also be hooked to the the battery post). To remove the jumper cables after starting, reverse the order (4,3,2,1)

You can connect the battery ground cable to the frame of the vehicle or to the engine.

current flows from the negative to the positive cable and back into the battery cells, recombining with the element depleted of electrons that are flowing out the negative cable. The process is not 100% efficient and the battery will eventually cease producing current.

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