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Short answer is all the countries of Europe were largely responsible. They all spent 30 years building treaties that pitted the sides against each other, conquering and coveting each others foreign colonies and indulging in arms races. The war was easily predicted by many for up to a decade in advance, but no one probably could have imagined the actual carnage. Germany is largely seen as being responisble for being to over eager to go to war for Austria following the assisination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Serbian nationalists.

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Q: Which if any countries were responsible for causing World War 1?
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Was germany responsible for causing the first world war?


Was the Black Cheque responsible for causing World War 1?

No. It may have contributed to WWI, but was not entirely responsible.

What country was primarily responsible for causing the US to enter the war?

World War 2 : Japan.

What powerful weapon was responsible for causing Japan to surrender in World War 2?

The atomic bomb!

Why was Germany made responsible for World War 1?

Germany signed a treaty causing the Ika-unong digmaang pandaigdig

What caused the us to abandon their neutrality and enter World War 1?

US wanted to trade with the other countries causing them to get involved in the war

In world war 1 what were the countries arguments for entering the war?

The European countries involved in World War I had long standing alliances and treaties, through familial and diplomatic relations. Once the Austro-Hungarian empire fired on Serbia, all the alliances were called in, causing more and more countries to enter into the war.

How Important were alliances in causing World War 1?

Yes, the alliances are what caused the war to spread around Europe. With out them, countries like Russia would not have fought in the war.

How should countries involved in wars be held responsible for such environmental destruction?

People have different opinions about this. Some believe the country with the damage should be responsible, but others believe the countries causing the damage should be responsible. One thing most people agree on is that someone does need to be responsible for repairing environmental damage as much as it can be repaired. How they are held responsible and who is held responsible would vary according to the situation of the war.

How do we decide if a war is a World War?

Alright, the more political/sensible answer that i would thought of is when the whole world, i mean the whole world is affected. For such cases like the recent Iraq War is not really a world war. But according to history records, World War 1 & 2 are define as 'world wars' is because they involved most major power countries (capable of causing military destructive) to the world are involved such as 'Russia, US, British, Germany etc' and other countries which are co-dependant on each other were greatly affected due to the fact that the main countries would be concentrating on the war, not so much concern about other matters around the world. Therefore other countries would became 'stagant' in a way. If all the countries are affected by the war and Half the world is invovled in the war then it is a world war

What was countries which was defeated in World War 1?

what was the countries which was defeated in world war one

How did himmler have a big impact in World War 2?

Himmler was responsible for causing the numberg trials, which is ironic because himmler and Einstein were condemed in the trials.

Did alliances cause World War I?

Alliances caused World War 1 because when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, both sides had many secret allies that they dragged with them into the war, causing WW1 instead of a small war between two countries.

Which country was made held responsible for World War I?

Germany was held responsible for World War 1, also referred to also as The Great War.

What is a world war?

A world war is a war who is included every countries

What country is considered responsible for World War 2?

The Second World War begun when Germany invaded Poland. So Germany is responsible for starting the war.

Was hitler responsible for the outbreak of World War 2?

No. Several events were responsible for the outbreak of World War II, including World War I. Hitler was involved, but the blame can't be placed on him.

What is world war?

When countries all over the world are in a war.

Who were the last to countries in the World War I?

France and Germany were the last two countries in World War 1.

What were the World War 1 effects on east Asia and the Middle East?

These countries were not as affected by the war as Europe. They did form a few new ties that ended up causing issues in WWII.

What countries in Asia was not involed in World War 2?

How many countries took part in the world war two?

What countries were defeated in World War I?

what countries wre defeated in world war 1

How was Germany punished for causing world war 2?

They were never punished for causing ww2

What event exploded the balkan powder keg and began world war 1?

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Treaties in Europe triggered many countries to enter the war therefor causing a World War. check out

What country was responsible for the US entering World War 1?

The US itself was responsible for its decision to enter the war.

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