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None, it was officially only these eleven states which seceded from the Union:

South Carolina










North Carolina

However, the Confederacy claimed other territories such as New Mexico, and tried to annex several non-seceding states such as Kentucky, Missouri and even the then-newly formed West Virginia. These were areas in heavy dispute through much of the war.

Kentucky and Missouri account for the extra 2 of the 13 stars optimistically placed on the Confederate flag, but neither state actually passed an ordinance of secession.

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Q: Which states besides the eleven southern states made up the Confederacy during the Civil War?
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Where was the Confederacy?

The Confederacy consisted of eleven Southern States, ranging from Virginia to Texas.

How many southern states formed the confederacy?


When the eleven southern states withdrew from the Union to form the Confederacy what number was Texas?

Number eight.

How many states seceded from the United States in 18861?

Eleven southern states declared their secession and formed the Confederacy.

States excluding the Eleven southern States which made up Confederacy during civil war?

there are 23 states in that remained loyal to the Union (North), and 11 states seceded and joined confederate (South).

What four states joined the Confederacy when President Lincoln issued a call for seventy five thousand volunteers to crush the Southern rebellion?

When US President Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to help end the Southern rebellion, four more Southern states joined the Confederacy. These were the states of Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas and Tennessee. The Confederacy now was composed of eleven states.

Two sides of the American Civil War?

The Confederacy - the eleven Southern slave-states that broke away The Union - The North, i.e. all the other states.

What were the eleven states against the Union known as?

The Confederacy.

How many states were in the confederacy in the civil war?


How many states formed the south confederacy?


How many civil war states were in the confederacy?


The eleven states that rebelled against the union were known as?


What were the eleven states that rebelled against the union known as?


What were the eleven states that rebelled aginst the union known as?

The Confederacy.

Which was not a Union State in the America Civil War?

The eleven states of the Confederacy.

How many states left the union during the civil war?

Seven seceded before Fort Sumter, and four more immediately after it. Total eleven states of the Confederacy.

What were the eleven states of the Confederacy?

The states were Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri elected to stay out of the Confederacy, but were some citizens were basically sympathetic to the Southern cause, supplying troops and supplies.

What where the eleven states that rebelled against the union known as?

The Confederate States of America (The Confederacy)

Who had greater control of the greater numbers of states the Confederacy states or US?

During the course of the US Civil War, the Northern states vastly outnumbered the states that had formed the Confederacy. Depending on the time frame of the war years, there are small differences. One item is clear, the Confederacy consisted of eleven states and the Union had 23.

What is confederacy?

Confederacy is a form of government. It is differentiated from a federacy in the manner of holding power, where a federal government centralizes power and a confederate one diffuses or shares power among its entities. In the American Civil War, The Confederacy (officialy the Confederate States of America) was the country (a collection of eleven southern states) that seceded from the union over the issues of slavery and states rights in 1861.

Which candidate did most southern states support?

In the presidential election of 1860 eleven of Southern States supported John Cabell Breckenridge, the former Vice President during Buchanan Administration.

How many states belonged to the union?

During the Civil War, the United States was divided into the Union and the Confederacy. Twenty states belonged to the Union, and there were also four border states that did not secede from the United States, but also did not give up slavery. The Confederacy had eleven states.

How many southern states seceded from the union?


In 1861 what did eleven southern states form?


How meny Southern states seceded from the Union?