Who are the Amish?


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The Amish are members of a conservative Christian religious sect that is an off-shoot of the Mennonite religion. The key concepts of this religion are the rejection of pride and a high value placed on humility.

They do not use modern conveniences such as electricity because they fear it will cause competition for status. They have a strong sense of community and faith in God.

Most are bi-lingual speaking Pennsylvania Dutch and English.


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The Amish originated from Switzerland in the 1600's. Swiss Amish - Switzerland Amish.

Amish are called Amish because the founder of it was Jacob Ammann

They can talk with the "English" (non-Amish) all they want.

this is not true about the Amish and i know this because i am Amish

Amish Butter is butter mixed in with things that the Amish crops then mixed and hardened into Amish Butter!

Or they call them non amish or outsiders too honestly!

The Amish do have punishments

Amish people are people who only have Amish friends , really religious, they stay in an Amish community, and have no electric or electronics.

Old order Amish are stricter than new order Amish. There are now even new new order Amish which are not as strict as new order Amish.

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Yes, non-Amish can go to Amish church. They will probably ignore you though.

Yes, but the Amish are reluctant and suspicious of most who say they want to be Amish. The person wanting to be Amish is usually placed with a family and takes part in the family routine.

Amish was created in 1693.

The Amish have their own religion known as the Amish faith which is a type of Christianity.

Some Amish people are called "Mennonites".

Amish youth will have radios. Amish families that have joined the church are forbidden to have radios.

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No they don't, Amish are Christian and Christianity in the first place does not require anyone to be circumcised, In any case an Amish boy is raised by Amish parents but does not accept becoming Amish until he is an adult.

Amish people believe in Jesus Christ so the Amish god is Jesus, too.

An Amish ghetto would be an informal term for a place where the vast majority of the residents are Amish.

As a married couple if you meet and Amish person and want to become Amish you can. There is nothing in the Amish lifestyles that prevents people to converting to the Amish lifestyle.

There are about 975,059,064,157,168,355,809 Amish in the world

The Amish originated from Switzerland in 1693.

Originally, the Amish came from Germany.

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