Who did Nazism appeal to?

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AnswerNazism had a particular appeal for:
  • Those unable to accept Germany's defeat in World War 1
  • Those resentful of the Armistice and the Versailles Treaty
  • Veterans unable to settle down to civilian life again
  • Groups whose economic viability was threatened - the lower ranks of the aristocracy, small shopkeepers, some craftsmen
  • Those who were preoccupied with fear of Communism
  • Extreme racists (anti-semites)
  • In 1930-33 some of the unemployed
  • People who believed far-fetched conspiracy theories

Among occupational groups, agricultural labourers and medical men (!!) figured very prominently.

Obviously, one could add to this list. It would be a mistake to think that Nazism appealed only to hardline racists.

Hitler also had admirers in the british royal family.

According to the theories of Adorno, Horkheimer and others, Fascism of all varieties had a particularly strong appeal to people with authoritarian personalities. (How sound this theory really is, is another matter).

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Q: Who did Nazism appeal to?
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Why did nazism interest and appeal to some German in the 1920's and 1930s?

Because Nazism promised to stop the economic depression that was caused by the Weimar Republic that was in control of Germany at the time. And because many Germans were against Communism, and found the militaristic totalitarian Nazism appealing in contrast to it's rival political parties.

Did fascism and Nazism have any appeal to citizens living in the US?

No, but the Nazis were based on a system the U.S. considered, but shot down, and to the Russians, the Nazis were facist scum.

How do you use Nazism in a sentence?

Nazism was essentially just a form of fascism

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Nazism is regarded as a form of fascism. They are extremely similar. You could say that Nazism is just the German form of fascism.

When did nazism start?

nazism (as a organised political movement ) in 1919- 1920 in bavaria

How many civilians were victims of Nazism?

about 65 million who exposed to the full nazism

What are examples of nazism?

an example of nazism is ; people who have killed jews, known as germans.

When was The Occult Roots of Nazism created?

The Occult Roots of Nazism was created in 1985.

When was World Without Nazism created?

World Without Nazism was created in 2010.

What did the Nazis do to the people who did not conform to Nazism?

Nothing, most of the people did not conform to Nazism.

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There was some opposition to Nazism in the beginning but it was mercilessly put down.

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