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Who did Nazism appeal to?

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Nazism had a particular appeal for:

  • Those unable to accept Germany's defeat in World War 1
  • Those resentful of the Armistice and the Versailles Treaty
  • Veterans unable to settle down to civilian life again
  • Groups whose economic viability was threatened - the lower

    ranks of the aristocracy, small shopkeepers, some craftsmen

  • Those who were preoccupied with fear of Communism
  • Extreme racists (anti-semites)
  • In 1930-33 some of the unemployed
  • People who believed far-fetched conspiracy theories

Among occupational groups, agricultural labourers and medical

men (!!) figured very prominently.

Obviously, one could add to this list. It would be a mistake to

think that Nazism appealed only to hardline racists.

Hitler also had admirers in the british royal family.

According to the theories of Adorno, Horkheimer and others,

Fascism of all varieties had a particularly strong appeal to people

with authoritarian personalities. (How sound this theory

really is, is another matter).

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