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Who were the big three Axis leaders in World War 2?

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The three big Axis leaders in World War 2 were Adolf Hitler of Germany, Benito Mussolini of Italy, and Emperor Hirohito of Japan. Hitler and Mussolini would be dead by the end of the war.

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Axis leaders were evil, power hungry, & wanted to take over the world. Allied leaders were good, believed in freedom, & wanted peace.

There were a series of War Crimes trials at Nuremburg, Germany.

The three axis countries were Germany, Italy, and Japan. The leaders were, respectively, Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito

During World War II, the 'Big Three' nations who were allied against the Axis powers were Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States. Numerous other nations, small and large, were associated with these leaders in the world war.

The three main axis powers in world war 2 were Germany, Italy and Japan.

Two of the axis powers during World War 2 are Germany and Italy. The third axis power is Japan.

Three of them were, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Germany=Adolph Hitler Italy=Benito Mussolini Japan=Tojo as head of government, Hirohito as emperor. And it was World War 2. There was no Axis in WW1.

Germany, Italy, Japan were the three axis powers during World War 2

The major Allied leaders during World War 1 were Woodrow Wilson (USA), David Lloyd George (UK), Vittorio Orlando (Italy) and Georges Clemenceau (France). The major Axis leaders during World War 1 were Kaiser Wilhelm II (Germany), Franz Josef I (Austria-Hungary), Mehmed V (Ottoman Empire) and Ferdinand I (Bulgaria).

The 3 key technology the Axis used during World War 2 are:TanksGunsBombs

The major Axis leaders were:Adolf Hitler - GermanyBenito Mussolini - ItalyEmperor Hirohito and Prime Minister Hideki Tojo - Japan

Germany, Italy and Japan are the three major powers in the Axis. :)

There was no Axis powers in World War I--and the Axis powers LOST World War II.

Germany, Japan & Italy. They were the AXIS powers (vs. the Allies) in World War II.

The three main Axis' powers in World War 2 were Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Fascist Italy.

The three Axis Powers of World War 2 were Germany, Italy and Japan.

The main three countries of the Axis powers in World War 2 were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Germany, Italy, and Japan. They are the top three axis powers.

Most committed suicide and the rest were tried as war criminals and some were hung

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