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Why are apples sweet?


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All fruits contain natural sugars, especially fructose. This makes them taste sweet.


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not all green apples are sour and not all red apples are sweet. it all depends upon the variety. i recommed slightly light green golden delicious apples as they are green and are still sweet.

Yes but they are not as sweet as eating apples.

Granny Smith apples have a sour taste when they are not too ripe, but when they are they sometimes have a sweet taste

The sweet ones,pink colored.

Apples are used a lot in Desserts, so propally something sweet

Waldorf salad is made with sweet apples, of which there are several varieties.

Because they taste sweet to them.

They smell sweet and fresh

Apples have a tangy/sweet taste to them. They are crunchy and thick. THEY ARE REALLY YUMMY! :) < gay

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The scent of apples is sweet, but crisp. The taste of apples varies. Some are very sweet, while other are much more sour. If you mean the book, The Scent of Apples collection contains 16 short stories written by Bienvenido N. Santos. It was published in 1979.

because they are nice and sweet. also they are good for you.

worms usually likes apples that got nice, juicy, and sweet apples.

no because the country that the yellow apples grow in ( which is mainly the Medatterinen ) produces them to be more sour than sweet.

The plantain is a less sweet form of banana used for cooking. A good parallel is apples: plantains are to cooking apples as bananas are to eating or desert apples

Sweet corn,Apples,Cranberries and hay

Watermelon, grapes, apples and lots more.

apples and all different sweet fruit

Carrots and apples are both rather sweet in taste. Horses are known to have somewhat of a 'sweet tooth'. I guess it's like for us eating a good cookie.

I bought 6 golden delicious apples and none are sweet. They have no taste at all. Is there any way I can sweeten them?

Apples are moderately alkaline. Sour apples' average pH level is 7.5 and sweet apples are pH 8.0. They would be considered acidic being between 3-4 on the PH scale.

Apples are a fruit with some good nutritional value. They are a sweet alternative to eating junk food and many people feel the nutrients in apples will keep the doctor away.

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