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The Emancipation Proclamation was instituted at a time during the war when the north was losing and it was used to create unrest in the south. The slaves weren't freed they were only freed in the south. The last 2 states to give up their slaves were Ohio and Delaware 2 years after the war. Gen. Lee inherited 50 slaves and released them 10 years before the war started. Gen. Grant was forced to free his slaves. The civil war was not fought over slavery it was fought over individual states rights.

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Q: Why did Lincoln wait two years before freeing the slaves?
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Why was Abraham Lincoln murdererd?

He was killed for freeing and helping the African America slaves overcome the years of abuse

Was Leontyne price in slavery?

No. Leontyne Price was born in 1927. The Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves in the United States was signed by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, 64 years before Ms. Price was born.

How long has Harriet Tubman been freeing slaves?

For 2 years from 1819 til 1820

Why did Abraham linken inspire martin Luther king?

because Lincoln was the president who freed the slaves 100 years before the Washington march.

Why would President Lincoln be seen as a hypocrite?

because he owned slaves and indeed had a child with his slave sally hemmings You're off by about 100 years. Sally was with Jefferson not Lincoln. Also, Lincoln did NOT own slaves.

When did President Lincoln emancipate the slaves?

President Lincoln emancipated the slaves withe the emancipation proclamation and he proclaimed it on September 22 1862, but he said it was supposed to go into action an new years 1863.

What accomplishments did Abraham Lincoln make?

During his many years as lawyer, his numerous terms as state congressman, his term as national congressman, and also as president, Abraham Lincoln managed to achieve many things. His greatest accomplishments must, however, include his preservation of the Union during the Civil War and his freeing of the slaves through the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation.

Was the declaration written with intentions of freeing the slaves?

No, it was meant to free The United States from foreign control. The emancipation proclamation became the thirteenth amendment which freed the slaves. These two documents were proposed about one hundred years apart.

How long before the border states slaves were freed were the southern states slaves freed?

two years.

This document made freeing the slaves a focus of th war and allowed the free slaves to join the Union Army?

The Emancipation Proclamation officially freed slaves in the United States. It was signed into law by Abraham Lincoln January 1, 1863 after three years of war. It applied only to the states that were in rebellion, so slave holding states like Delaware, Missouri, Maryland and Kentucky or states that had already come under Union jurisdiction were not included.

What did the the emancipation proclamation do?

It was suppose to free the slaves but it was nearly two years later before most slaves new they were free.

What happened in the past 87 years before Lincoln gave his speech?

what happened in the past 87 years before lincolns speech

Could hebrew slaves be freed after 7 years of slavery?

No, they were free after 6 years or less (they went free in the seventh year or sabbatical year, so for example, if they became slaves the year before the sabbatical year, they then only served 1 year). This act of freeing the slave was mandatory and could only be prevented (i.e. allow the person to remain a slave) if the slave actually chooses to make his servitude unending.

Who is William Lloyd Garrision?

He was a radical white abolitionist in the years before the Civil War. He believed in the immediate freeing of slaves and absolute equality for blacks. He also supported women's rights reforms, which made him less popular. He strongly opposed gradual abolition (ex: moving slaves back to Africa) Radical abolitionists supporting his views called themselves Garrisonians.

Did Zachary Taylor own slaves?

yes. in 1847, two years before election, he owned more than 100 slaves.

Did Abraham Lincoln sing the declaratiom of independence?

No, the Declaration of Independence was signed about 33 years before Abraham Lincoln was born.

Did 'lincoln become senator before he became president?

no he was in congress for 2 years before he became president no he was in congress for 2 years before he became president

How did aberham lincoln make a difference?

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of America. While he was known for many things (and often referenced for his outstanding ethics and honesty), "Honest Abe" was most famously known for his Emancipation Proclamation. In it, he officially set the stage for the freeing of the African slaves in the U.S. Even though slaves weren't given their complete freedoms for years afterwards, this was considered monumental in the progress of human rights. Also, President Lincoln was known for his famous Gettysburg Address, which began with those imemorable lines; "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

How old was Lincoln when Washington died?

George Washington died nine years and two months before Abraham Lincoln was born.

Was Abraham Lincoln alive while George Washington was?

No, George Washington died 10 years before Abraham Lincoln was born.

How many years did Abraham Lincoln serve in office before he was assassinated?

Lincoln served just a little over four years. He was killed very early in his second term.

What role or position did Abraham Lincoln hold during the civil war?

President Lincoln played very imprtant roles in the American Civil War. First off, he favored the Union (North) which was against slavery. He wrote the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1st, 1863. The Emancipation Proclamation was a Proclamationissued by Lincoln freeing slaves in those territories still in rebellion, like the South. Emancipation means- freeing someone from control of another. He also wrote the Gettysburg address. (Four Score and Seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent, a new nation, concived in Liberty and dedicated to the propisition that all mean are created equal.) which actually was his least favorite but probably most popular speech ever given by Abraham Lincoln. So as you can see, President Lincoln played large parts in the Civil War, and in Abolishing Slavery.

Did Abraham Lincoln have four children before or after he was elected President?

All four were born well before his presidency; the youngest in 1853, 8 years before while the oldest ten years before that.

Did Amelia Earhart know Abraham Lincoln?

No. He was dead 70 years before she was born.

Did president Lincoln get married before he became president or did he get married first?

Lincoln got married on November 4, 1842, 18 years beforehe was elected president in November 1860.