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Why did hitler only kill jews?

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that is not true he killed black people, people with disability's gay peope and people who didn't like Hitler as well as the Jews.

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I only know that Hitler Jews.

Hitler did not only kill Jews but his own people so as to show powerful he is. He used different forms of propaganda so as to cause deaths of innocent people with the majority being Jews.

Hitler killed Jews in 1941 and 1945.

Hitler did not kill 64 million Jews as there were not 64 million Jews to kill. Hitler killed 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews for a number of reasons discussed in the Related Question below.

Hitler wasn't Jewish. If Hitler was Jewish, it wouldn't make any sense for him to kill all the Jews.

He wanted to kill Jews.

Yes, although Hitler did not personally kill anyone, he was the one responsible for the death of about 6 million Jews.

Because Hitler wanted to kill them.

no one can really answer that question besides hitler... and he is dead. We can only assume it was because he hated them

There was problems in Germany so he blamed the Jews and that is what made Hitler kill.

5 million Jews wanted to kill Hitler.

adolf Hitler tried to kill all Jews

kill jews Only wanted pepople with blond hair

Concerning European Jews: Hitler did not just kill European Jews. During the Occupation of Tunisia, he also began killing Tunisian Jews. He would have tried to kill Moroccan Jews as well, but King Mohammed V resisted. However, he was only able to kill those Jews who lived in countries that Nazi Germany was able to conquer, which were mostly in Europe.Concerning Jew-Killing: As for why Hitler killed Jews at all, please see the Related Question below.

Hitler killed Jews because he did not like them. If you were not like him, he wanted to kill you. Hitler was a very evil person.

No, and Jews did not kill his mother.

No. Either way you read the question, the answer is no. Hitler did more than simply kill Jews, he also deprived them of their rights, quarantined them, starved them, tortured them, and authorized immoral medical procedures be done to them. On the other side, Hitler did not only kill 6 million Jews, he also killed 5 million Non-Jews.

He didnt tell anyone to kill the jews but Hitler did order Heinrich Himmler to kill the jews in the camps quickly, cheaply and as efficently as possible

He not only killed Jews, but gypsies, homosexuals and mentally retarded people.

Hitler killed many Jews and people of other races in the Nazi search for the 'perfect' Aryan race. Answer 2 Hitler organized, empowered, and funded an organization with the mission to seek out and kill Jews, because they were Jews.

the only reason why hitler has against jews because his uncle kill his dad and his uncle was a jew. adolf hitler was also afraid of sex

This was not one of the beliefs that Hitler held.

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